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•Governing Body

Manager - Mother Anija

Education Councillor - Dr Sr Lissy John

Local Manager (Vimala) - Sr Alice

Local Manager (St Mary’s) - Sr Sancta

Principal - Dr Sr Marriette A Therattil

Principal (St Mary’s) - Dr Sr Magie Jose

Secretary - Sr Beena T L

Teaching Staff Representative - Dr Sr Beena Jose

Non Teaching Staff Representative - Sr Maria Paul

• Governing Council

Manager Nominee - Dr Sr Lissy John

UGC Nominee - Dr Kuldeep Singh Dhindsa

University Nominee, Government Nominee - Dr Vihsnumayya Bannur

Principal - Dr Sr Marriette A Therrattil

Principal’s Nominee - Dr Sr Beena Jose

Principal’s Nominee - Dr Kezia Kuruvila

Principal’s Nominee - Dr Minimol K

• Academic Council

Principal - Dr Sr Marriette A Therrattil

University Nominees - Dr K Manikandan (Psychology)

Dr Muhammed Mustafa M (Physics)

Dr A B Moideenkutty (Arabic)

HOD of English - Dr Joyce O J

HOD of Malayalam - Sr Beena T L

HOD of Mathematics - Smt Swarna K L

HOD of Physics - Dr Malini K A

HOD of Statistics - Dr Divya P R

HOD of Computer Science - Sr Ani Davis

HOD of Chemistry - Smt Lucy Paul

HOD of Botany - Dr Sheela George

HOD of Zoology - Dr Kezia Kuruvila

HOD of Home Science - Dr Karuna M S

HOD of Sociology - Dr Sara Neena T

HOD of Economics - Dr Vimala M

HOD of Social Work - Dr Jaya Cherian

HOD of Commerce - Smt Rose V J

Principal’s nominee - Dr Sr Beena Jose

Principal’s nominee - Sr Teseena P Emmatty

Principal’s nominee - Smt Hemalatha B

Representatives : Finance - Adv Mathew George

Commerce - Dr Jose KG

Industry - Dr C R Sivadasn

Law - Adv Nancy Akkarapatty

Secretary - Dr Minimol K

• Education Committee

Local Manager - Sr Alice

Principal - Dr Sr Marriette A Therattil

Vice Principal - Dr Sr Beena Jose

Teaching Staff Rep - Sr Beena TL

Non Teaching Staff Rep - Sr Limcy Rapheal

Dean of Residence - Sr Teseena P Emmatty

Bursar - Sr Preetha PL

• College Council

Principal - Dr Sr Marriette A Therattil

Vice Principal - Dr Sr Beena Jose

Dr Joycee O J (Eng)

Sr Beena T L (Mal)

Smt K L Swarna (Mat)

Dr Malini K A (Phy)

Dr Divya P R (Stat)

Sr Ani Davis (CSc)

Smt Lucy Paul (Chem)

Dr Sheela George (Bot)

Dr Kezia Kuruvila (Zoo)

Dr Karuna M S (FCS)

Dr Vimala M (Eco)

Dr Jaya Cherian (SW)

Smt Hemalatha V (Phy Edn)

Dr Mimi Mani Panakkal (Hin)

Smt Anuja J (Pol)

Dr Sinto P Anto (Psy)

Teaching Staff Secretary - Dr Nisha Francis Alappat

Joint Secretary - Smt Moni Geege

Jr Supt - Sr Preetha

PL Librarian - Sr Jisna Jose

IQAC Coordinator - Dr Mimimol K

Dean of Student’s Welfare - Sr Beena T L


Vimala College,

Thrissur-9, Kerala, India.
Ph : +91-487-2332080
Fax: +91-487-2321759

Vimala College


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