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Research Infrastructure

Laboratories: The Science laboratories are spacious with no crowding of experimental stations. They are well equipped and constant additions are made in accordance with the changing needs. At present there are 13 laboratories. There are separate P.G labs for the Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Home Science Departments.

Physics: The Department has 5 labs that include one B Sc lab, one M Sc, one laser lab, one computer lab, and a research lab that was set up using the FIST grant for purchasing equipment. The Department has well organized full fledged laboratory for UG and PG courses. The major facilities available for research include, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Spectroflurophotometer, high temperature furnace, metal coating unit, spin coating unit, lasers and optical components.

Chemistry: The Department is provided with 3 well furnished laboratories. The infrastructure includes Balance rooms, Rain Water Harvesting Unit, Water Distillation Unit, Store room for glass wares, acids, chemicals, etc. The laboratory equipment include UV – visible spectrophotometer, magnetic stirrer, thermostat, electric shaker, conductometer, refractometer, turbidimeter, heating mantle, electronic balances, flame photometer, etc

Zoology: The Department has one well furnished laboratory, computer lab, well maintained museum with preserved specimens, permanentslides, skeletons and stuffed specimens etc. The items of laboratory equipment include microscopes, autoclave, water bath, magnetic stirrer, centrifuge, incubator, electronic balance, electrophoresis apparatus, chromatography apparatus, cannon power shot camera with attachment to microscope, and so on.

Botany: Besides the usual experiment stations and specimens, the Botany laboratory includes a well equippedTissue Culture Lab that incorporates the inoculation room with Laminar Air Flow cabinet, and Culture room/Incubation Room. There is also a museum consisting of both dry and preserved plant specimens. The Department also possesses a well furnished laboratory which includes more than 70 light microscopes, 50 dissection microscopes, a binocular microscope with Micro Image Processing System(MIPS); Herbarium of dried specimens: 1500 collections, Permanent slides: 400, Study Charts : 50. The Equipment Room includes various reliable equipments like Electronic balance, Water bath, UV spectrophotometer and centrifuges. The Department also maintains a beautiful botanical garden holding around 500 plant species, and a rockery with 50 cactus varieties.

Home Science: The Department has 4 labs. Lab I is nutritional biochemistry that has the following items of equipment: hot air oven, calorie meter, muffle furnace, electronic balance, centrifuge, digital pH meter, refrigerator, auto analyzer. Lab II is Textiles and Clothing. This consists of sewing machines, embroidery machine and iron box. Lab III is Food and Nutrition and has electronic balance, oven, refrigerator, and kitchen accessories. Lab IV is Nutrition and Dietetics which consists of oven, microwave oven, electronic balance, refrigerator, cooking range, food processor, distilled water unit, kitchen accessories.

Computer Science: The Department has 3 labs.  Lab I is a smart lab with wireless LAN connectivity.  It has 45 Multimedia systems. Lab II (1000 Mbps Client/Server Network Connectivity) has 50 computers, 12 Dot-matrix printers, and 1 laser printer. Lab III-Multimedia lab (1000 Mbps Internetworking) has 24 Multimedia systems, 1 LCD Big Screen TV.  Besides these, there are 2 smart class rooms.

English: There is a Language laboratory with 24 consoles that offer students opportunity for training in language learning. The other items of equipment are 15 glottophones, 1 double cassette deck; 1 stereo cassette recorder, 18 cassette recorders, 2 speakers, 26 mikes, 1 computer, 40 head sets, 7 CDs and 80 audio cassettes.  The Department also has a television.

Economics: The Economics lab is accommodated in the UGC Network Resource Centre.  It has 10 computers, printer/scanner/photostat, OHP and LCD.

Statistics: Department has a computer lab with internet facility that was set up by the Alumnae of the Department.  There are ten computers with LCD projectors. 

Seminar Hall: There are two seminar halls with a seating capacity of 130 each. The second seminar hall that is situated in the Lissieux Block is centrally air conditioned. The seminar halls are well equipped with lighting and acoustic requirements, OHP, TV, computer with internet, LCD projector, Microphone etc. They are used for conducting regional, national and international seminars and workshops and also for various association meetings.

Tutorial spaces: The fourth period of every Monday is assigned for tutorial. The tutorial sessions are conducted in the main class rooms. The tutors refer students who require counselling to the counselling centre. A separate room is set aside for Counselling service that provides the privacy and confidential nature required for this service.

Botanical Garden: The Botanical garden is located in the front right corner of the campus.  It has around 500 species of plants.  It also has a green house that contains several shade loving plants and a good collection of orchids.  There is also an endangered medicinal plant garden and OISCA sponsored Herbal garden. Besides this, there is also a floral garden, vegetable garden, Nakshatravanam, and so forth.


Specialized facilities and equipment for teaching, learning and research



            The library is located in a separate complex in the main building opposite the convent. It is a major learning resource and has an impressive collection of books, periodicals, magazines, digital resources, and audio visual collections.  Most of the Departments have their own library to cater to immediate requirements.  All the resources are catalogued and the functioning of the library is automated.  Details of the library are provided in 4.2.3.

Research Centres

             The College has as of now 3 Research Centres - English, Commerce and Physics - which are located on the first and second floors of the library and on the first floor of the main building. The Research Centre for the Physics Department has research facilities procured mainly under the FIST grant of DST Government of India.   


       All the Departments are equipped with computers, printers, reprography facility, internet connectivity, LCD projector, and so on. Some of the Departments like Physics and English are also provided collar mikes and mike system to help address large number of students. The other facilities provided are TV, tape recorder, digital camera, video camera, and so forth. Besides the multimedia lab under the auspices of the Computer Science Department, there is also an internet lab.

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