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Residential facility

The hostel is situated in an area of 2.11 acres with a built up area of 60592 sq ft.  Accommodation is provided for both staff and students who come from distant places. There are two hostels.  The Vimala College hostel provides accommodation to students of the College and Divya hostel provides residence to the students and staff of neighbouring Colleges. It provides space for guests who come for attending seminars in other institutions.

Vimala College hostel can accommodate about 380 students with 7 single, 15 double, 22 triple and 51 common rooms. All the rooms are well furnished with necessary furniture, fans and lights. There are enough bathrooms and wash facilities, both common and attached. There is telephone   facility in the hostels. Each hostel has a prayer hall. The staffs of the College are also provided residential facility. Currently there are 4 faculties staying in the hostel. Several of the ministerial staff also reside in the hostel. 

Attached to the Vimala College hostel includes a sports hostel that provides accommodation to the sports students and their coaches. There are 8 spacious common rooms accommodating 70 students. Special care   is   also taken to meet their dietary requirements. In short, the hostel facility of the College provides a secure and comfortable home-away-from home feeling for our students.

The hostel also provides free accommodation to the financially needy students coming from far. The poor/needy non-hostellers are provided with noon meals in the hostel. uFacilities like Gymnasium are available after class hours; students can also attend yoga and karate classes after class. uComputer with internet facility can be accessed in the College campus from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. uMedical emergencies are met by the nearby hospital which is just 2 kms from the hostel. An infirmary is attached to the hostel for meeting minor medical requirements like fever, headache, indigestion, etc. 

There are two reading cum recreation spaces in the hostel where daily news papers (both Malayalam and English) are provided. There is also a library in the hostel that provides books, newspapers and magazines for reading. The College library facility is also available on all days (except Sundays) from 8.30am to 4.30pm. uThere is facility for recreation and entertainment like TV, Radio, DVD Player, CD player, indoor and outdoor games (chess, badminton) for after class hours. Audio/Video facility is available in both the mess halls.

uHealthy and nutritious diet is provided to the inmates of the hostel. Purified water is provided for drinking and there is also a continuous water supply in the hostel  

Hostel is striving to achieve an eco friendly atmosphere. Biogas with 2 burners, 4 steam cooking units, LPG stoves with 4 large burners and 2 ordinary burners are used for cooking.

uThere are 2 large refrigerators used for preserving food. The other amenities include grinder, chapatti dough kneader, mixer, juicer, and so forth. uVegetables from the kitchen garden are also used in the hostel.  Rain water harvesting unit has been installed in the hostel. uA floral garden lends aesthetic beauty to the landscape. All efforts are made for the effective ways of waste management, fuel efficiency and cost reduction. uThere is fulltime security available in the hostel. u There are also 2 dogs in the hostel.

Divya Hostel attached to Divya Bhavan has around 84 students from neighbouring Institutions at present. There are also 5 working women attending evening class in the Government Engineering College, Thrissur. There are 15 common rooms and 1 double room.  There is 1 dining room, kitchen, store, wash area, reading room, 2 study halls, and prayer room.

In brief, the infrastructure of the hostels includes rooms and dormitories,  separate mess halls for staff and students, recreation room, study space, wash rooms, visitors’ parlour, sick room, guest room, vegetable garden, floral garden,  Kitchen, wardens’ chambers,  prayer room, incinerator, etc


The St Xavier’s Convent that is situated inside the main campus has 26 inmates including 7 teaching and 7 non teaching staff. The Divya Bhavan convent is located opposite the Indoor Stadium and has 1 teaching and 3 non teaching staff. Both the convents have biogas, solar energy and proper waste water management. The convents have adequate rooms, chapel, recreation room, mess hall, visitors’ parlour, kitchen, and so forth.  There are kitchen gardens and flower gardens in the convents.

Vimala College,

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Vimala College


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