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Student Support

Extension Programmes


 Extension Activities and Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR)


Education for societal progress is the very essence of Institutional vision. Elaborate efforts are made to serve the local community, society and the nation.  There are several extension programmes initiated by the students, faculty, Departments, Institution, Cells and Units like the NSS, NCC, Jesus Youth, Alumnae, and so on. Individuals and Units engaged in such extension activities have been conferred awards and recognition.


Student Community Extension Programmes:

  • Compulsory Social Service (CSS): CSS is an integral part of the University UG syllabi, and students are required to complete 30 working days of social service. The CSS Programme primarily aims at creating awareness among students about the problems in their surroundings, and to involve them in direct participation in community life. All the Departments encourage students to carry out various social service activities, such as active participation in blood donation camps, AIDS Awareness programmes, tribal visits, visit to welfare organizations, involvement in community development programmes, locality cleaning, campus cleaning, etc. Students also visit rehabilitation centres. They mobilize funds and distribute items according to their needs.
  • Vimala College Educational and Charitable Trust: It is a charitable Trust formed by the College with support from the PTA, Staff and Well wishers.   The Trust provides financial assistance for the education of the poor, particularly the children of the temporary lower grade staff of the College.  The Trust also provides funds for higher education, professional excellence and so on. The official inauguration of the venture was on 4th December 2009. The Trust was formed with seed money of Rs. 2, 18,601.


  • Educational sponsorship programme - Vimala-CASP (2002-2011); Vimala Community Aid and Sponsorship Scheme –VCASS (2012-2019): Vimala CASP was a partnership venture of Vimala College with the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamasserry.  It was an educational sponsorship project to help 100 school-going children from the neighbouring communities. The staff and students of the College and Rajagiri College mobilized funds for the project on a 50:50 basis. The education of 100 children was sponsored under this programme. Books, uniform, school stationery and tuition fees were distributed to students. Meetings of the children and their parents were held regularly, and motivational classes, training programmes for study skills and personality development were also provided.  Holiday camps, counselling services, medical insurance, and incentives for examination toppers were also part of the programme.

The partnership period with Rajagiri Outreach came to an end by 2011. VCASS (Vimala Community Aid & Sponsorship Service) is an extension programme initiated in May 2012 to continue the noble venture that prevailed under the title of CASP. 

The motto of the programme is “Child as the focus, family as the unit, and community as the milieu of development”. The duration of the project is from 2012 to 2019. VCASS is a partnership programme of the College and the Thomas Chittilapally Trust. The main aim of this programme is to cater to 100 disadvantaged children from the neighborhood.  Five Divisions of the Thrissur Corporation, viz., four, six, seven, eight and nine which are located around Vimala College constitute the project area.  There are around 23 socio -economically backward localities in these divisions. More than 1500 families reside in this area. The families and children from such areas are the target group of the project.

  • Women Development Cell: The Cell has rendered immense contribution to the students and the local community, like awareness programmes, guidance and counseling, and training and welfare programmes for women.  In order to reflect the incorporation of multidimensional activities, the Cell was renamed as Women’s Development Centre in 2000. The Cell was brought under the aegis of the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of Calicut, during 2008-09, and renamed as Women Development Cell. Its motto is “Empowered Women: Nations Strength”. Its objective is to promote awareness and active response among women to bring out their full potential as resources for their own development and that of the nation. The Principal, Coordinator, Joint coordinator, Heads of the Departments and student representatives together execute an action plan for the academic year. The activities and procedures are systematically documented and the utilization of fund is audited. The Institution received award for the Best Women Development Cell in Calicut University in the academic year 2012-13.

The University prescribes the following programmes which are meticulously executed in the College and systematically documented: talks related to dignity of girl child, women empowerment, women and law, violence and atrocities against women, entrepreneurial skill development for women, personality leadership and capacity building and training programmes; seminars on cyber crime, law and ethics; women response to social change and progress, mental and reproductive health, building self esteem, etc; workshops on women empowerment programmes, self help, debates and interactive sessions on contemporary gender issues, and celebration of International Women’s Day.

Apart from the programmes prescribed by the Centre for Women’s Studies of the University of Calicut, the Cell in the College also organizes various gender related programmes. The  Departments also organize programmes to sensitize students to gender issues. A Seminar on ‘Engendering Women Power through Sports,’ organized by the Department Physical Education is one among them.

  • National Service Scheme (NSS): The Institution has a vibrant National Service Scheme with more than 200 volunteers. The aim of these units is to inculcate among students a feeling of sacrifice, a spirit of service and a sense of togetherness. The NSS unit of the Institution has achieved great laurels for their performance: it won the Best NSS Unit both in the University and the State.
  • NationalCadet Corps (NCC): The NCC Unit of the Institution is a No.1 COY and 3rd Platoon Unit under 7 Kerala Girls Battalion   of the Army’s Wing. This Unit has strength of 52 cadets. It aims at developing qualities of patriotism, character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership   and the spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and the   ideal of selfless service. The   Unit has achieved   considerable success in the last few years. Smt. Theressiamma N.J  of Department of Mathematics successfully completed the PRCN Course held at Officers Training Academy in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, and was commissioned as ANO with  the rank of Lieutenant in the year 2011.
  • Catholic Activities: Catholic students have catechism class every Wednesday during  the third hour.  The new academic year begins with the opening Holy Mass, and there is celebration of Holy Eucharist every first Friday of the month. The academic year ends with a Thanks giving Mass. Besides regular catechism classes, other catholic activities include the AICUF, Bible festival, Jesus Youth, Campus Ministry,  Retreats, Carmel Day, Christmas Celebrations, Mission week and so on. There is a chapel, a Bible Study Room and prayer halls in the campus.
  • The All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF): The Institution emphasizes on the spiritual development of students through AICUF. It is a well structured organization with clearly laid out policies and programme. It provides a forum for students to develop their spirituality and leadership potential. It develops awareness about themselves among students, that they should be responsible, have a social commitment towards society and the nation. It organizes various programmes and activities in order to deepen the students in   faith and make them responsible youth:

¬  Signatures were collected from the students as a protest against the textbook of standard VII which hurts the religious sentiments of Indians.

¬  The AICUF condemned the atrocities committed against the Catholics and Catholic Institutions; with a desire to ensure peace, and  students sent e-mails spreading the message of peace.

¬  The AICUF conducts camps and exposure programmes with a view of enhancing the leadership qualities in students.

¬  The National Women Council Leadership programme 2008-09 was organized in the College from 23- 25 January, 2010.

¬  The AICUF took students on a visit to Medical College Hospital, Athani, Thrissur

  • Xavier Board: The Xavier Board of Higher Education in India is an Association of all the Catholic Institutions of higher education in India. It is recognized by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India (CBCI), and functions in collaboration with the CBCI Commission for Education and Culture. Higher education has a special value in an emerging knowledge society. It helps to bring together all the Catholic Colleges in India and to co-ordinate their activities to uphold excellence, gospel values and true leadership through higher education.

The Faculty Development Programme of the Xavier Board Kerala North Region held a seminar on the topic,“ Role of Catholic Teachers in Value Education” in the  College  on 16th March 2013. Eighty eight Participants from 21 member Colleges participated in the programme.

  • Sasneham: The College continues the service provided to  Government  Medical College,Thrissur through the Sasneham Project.  Sasneham is a venture to provide 100 food packets daily to the bystanders of poor patients of Government Medical College, Thrissur. It is completed seven years of response to the call of the poor. The contribution of the teaching staff to sasneham deserves special mention.
  • Departmental extension programmes: The various Cells, Units, Clubs and Departments in the College conduct programmes with the perspective of making students aware of their social responsibilities and employ them in various extension activities. Awareness programmes on gender related issues like Women Harassment, Save Girl Child, AIDS, road safety etc. are organized every year.
  • Others

¬  Observance of all national and social  days of importance

¬  Celebration of festivals

¬  Club activities

¬  Seminar /orientations


Institutional community extension programme

 Vimala Community Extension Centre (VCEC): VCEC is Social Work Unit of the College. It is a charitable society registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. The major programmes of the Centre which are supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, are the Family Counselling Centre (FCC) and CHILDLINE. Other activities include Child Guidance Centre, a Technical Education Centre and Hostel facility.


Family Counselling Centre (FCC): FCC is sponsored by the Central Social Welfare Board, Govt. of India. It provides counselling services at the centre, and extends its services to the Women’s Cell, Family Court and schools in the locality. The activities include the following

¬  Provides counselling service at the center

¬  Extends counselling services at the Women’s Cell, St. Paul’s public school, Kuriachira, Thrissur Old Age Home, Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur, Government Juvenile Home, Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur

¬  Conducts awareness classes

¬  Conducts Certificate Course  in Peer Counselling 

¬  Conducts Day celebrations like Family Day, Girl Child Day, Women’s Day,   Anti-Tobacco Day, Teenager’s Day, Mental Health Day, etc.

¬  Organizes Premarital counselling seminars

¬  Service providing centre: The Family Counselling Centre is also designated as the Service Providing Centre under the Protection of women Against Domestic Violence Act 2005. The service of a legal counsellor is available at the centre three days a week. This programme is also supported by CSWB, Govt. of India.


Vimala Child Guidance Centre: Professional assistance is sought in managing certain issues regarding challenges faced by parents and children. In this backdrop, Vimala started a Child Guidance Centre in February 2009. The Centre is supported by CMC, Nirmala Province, Thrissur. Infrastructure facilities are provided by the College. The objective of the Centre is to establish and maintain therapeutic and follow up facilities for emotional, behavioural, psycho social, academic, and adjustment problems faced by children and their families. The multi-disciplinary team at the Centre includes a social worker, special educator, speech therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist and a pediatrician. 

Children who require specialized care are referred to the Psychologist, Dr. Tony Abraham, Psychiatrist, Dr. Subramanian and Paediatrician, Dr. Janaky.  


  • CHILDLINE: This is a project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. It is a 24×7 free phone emergency service for children in need of care and protection. Vimala College, Thrissur functions as the Nodal Organization, and St. Christina Home, Pullazhy, is the Collaborative Organization for CHILDLINE in Thrissur. Programmes include:

¬  The NICP Workshop on ‘Child Friendly Policy’ was organized for SJPU at Police Club., Thrissur.

¬  CHILDLINE awareness programmes were conducted in St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda, St.Thomas College Thrissur, Government Medical College, Thrissur.

¬  In connection with the World Child Labour Prohibition Day, a seminar was organized with the support of the District Labour Department and the Legal Service Society.

¬  Students of the Department of Social Work conducted an awareness campaign in 31 public Health Centers of Thrissur District.

¬  A street play on CHILDLINE and its services was conducted by the students of Social Work at Sakthan Bus Stand and in the Municipal Corporation office premises.

¬  Suraksha Bandhan Programme was conducted to strengthen the commitment of the CAB members towards the protection and the promotion of child welfare.

¬  Set up Kiosk at the Thrissur Railway Station and conducted outreach programme in the passenger trains.

¬  Children’s Day Message along with the awareness message on CHILDLINE was broadcast in the local FM channels.

¬  Participation in the Children’s Rally organized by Shishu Kshema Samiti.

¬  Celebration of Children’s Day at St. Christina Home with 600 adoptive parents and their children.

¬  CHILDLINE in collaboration with the Department of Social Work organized a one day seminar on “Children and Road Safety” for the employees of school buses at Jawahar Balabhavan, Thrissur.

¬  CHILDLINE in collaboration with the Department of Social Work organized a one day seminar on” Child Friendly Health Care” for Nurses.


  • Contribution of the Sister Staff to Community Development: 20% of the salary of the sisters who are the staff of the College is devoted to social endeavours like medical help, education and housing projects for the poor and the needy in the area. Hostel Accommodation is provided for the poor and needy students free of cost.
  • Women’s Welfare Fund: A marriage fund has been generated through collective effort for supporting girls from the financially lower strata of society. Staff and students donate fund to the scheme at the time of their marriage to help the poor.
  • Job Opportunity for the Poor: A Book Binding Section, store, etcalso function in the College to provide job opportunities for the unemployed girls of the neighborhood.  There is a total of 28 ministerial staff directly under the pay roll of the Management.
  • Blood Donation: is Life Donation-Many of our students and staffs donate blood to IMA and the Jubilee Mission Medical College Hospital, Thrissur.
  • Other Welfare/Extension Programmes: The commitment of the College to society is evident through the charity, support and comfort extended by staff and students to the poor and deprived the sick and the needy. These are not regular practices but are implemented according to the need of the moment.

¬  Contribution to the marriage of children of daily wage workers in the College

¬  Protest rally and awareness programme for  private bus drivers in Thrissur town conducted by staff and students, in connection with the death of a student (Seenia of first semester B Com) due to the rash driving of a  private bus

¬  An awareness and interactive programme for students, in connection with the Delhi rape case with Sri Sreejith IPS

¬  Rally by students in the wake of the tragic incident of the train rape case  (2011) and the Delhi gang rape case (2012)

VCASS: The College also undertakes an educational sponsorship programme for school children in the neighbouring communities (VCASS).

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