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The Vimala College Library has always been striving hard to meet the expectations of its users. The Central Library of Vimala College is at the heart of the teaching learning mechanism in the Institution and began serving the fraternity in 1967. The facility is housed in a three storeyed building covering an area of 15000 sq. ft. and boasts facilities like a media room, the Research hub, Digital Library, Internet Centre, Art Gallery, Up-stair Garden Library and a student utility centre. Fully Automated with KOHA, the Library offers the most modern infrastructure while maintaining Green Library with a warm, pleasant and inviting atmosphere for students, research scholars, teachers and others who approach this destination of knowledge and greater learning.

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If you want to be a reference librarian you must learn to overcome not only your shyness but also the shyness of others ! S .R . Ranganathan

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 The Library follows an Open Access Policy. Users can pick the books of their choice from the shelves and may refer to it in the library or borrow them. The books arranged according to DDC. 

Digital Library

The Library has a Digital Library with Institutional Repository named as Dspace. 

Inter Library Loan

The Library has a MOU with Delhi Public Library for Inter Library Loan. More details contact Librarian.

Internet and Wifi Facility

The Library has an Internet Resource Center for internet use. The internet and Wifi available in all areas of the Library  

Journal Archives

The Library maintains a good collection of journals and magazine archives in bound volumes.

Media Room

The Library has a Media room for its patrons. It is used for presentation and display of films

Plagiarism checking

Vimala College Library offers Plagiarism Checking Service using ‘URKUND’.To get the plagiarism checking done and have the similarity report generated, please write to us at plagiarismcheckinvcl@gmail.com.

Property Counter

The  Library lockers are avaiable for storage of personal belongings for 'day time'  use 


The Library has a magnificent collection of Encyclopaedia's, Yearbooks and other reference titles. The reference books cannot be borrowed


The Library photocopying service available from 9am - 4pm. The Library supports the copyright policy.

SMS Alerts

The library sends alert SMS text messages to the users  about the transactions in the library.

User Orientation

The Library offers user orientation program to its users on the subscribed resources and other facilities. Librarian conducted orientation program for the freshers each year and class wise orientation when they needed.

Visiting Information

We welcome the use of the library by our alumni or external members for their research and refernce

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Jisna Jose

UGC Librarian


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