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The Vimala College Library has always been striving hard to meet the expectations of its users. The Central Library of Vimala College is at the heart of the teaching learning mechanism in the Institution and began serving the fraternity in 1967. The facility is housed in a three storeyed building covering an area of 10610 sq. ft. and boasts facilities like a media room, the Research hub, Digital Library, Internet Centre, Art Gallery, Up-stair Garden Library and a student utility centre. Fully Automated with KOHA, the Library offers the most modern infrastructure while maintaining Green Library with a warm, pleasant and inviting atmosphere for students, research scholars, teachers and others who approach this destination of knowledge and greater learning.
Keeping abreast of the latest trends in the dissemination and disposal of library services, the digitisation of the Library with the Dspace software along with access to NLIST and DELNET were undertaken and successfully completed in 2018. The collection of learning, reading, instructional and research resources of the Library is regularly updated on recommendations gathered from all stakeholders along with deliberations by the Librarian and the Library Committee. This has been achieved through meticulous enhancement of book collection and networking.   
The functioning of the Library is ardently supported by a dedicated Library Club that is a community of book lovers and reading enthusiasts. Over the years, the Library has been a force of great motivation for all seekers of knowledge, be it the teaching community, the students or the research scholars. While seeking to inculcate the love of reading among all, the Library upholds high ideals of integrity, originality and productivity in all spheres of academic and educational pursuits.
Area and building

Archbishop Mar Joseph Kundukulam Memorial Library Block situated in the centre of the Vimala College campus. Library is constructed in 3 floors.  The Opening time of Library 8.00 am & the Closing time of Library 6.00 pm. The Main entrance of the Library floor is known as “Dewey Hall”. The Stack hall or Main hall is known as “Ranganathan Reading Hall”. The entering Members have the privilege of direct access to the shelves in the stack room and the reading halls and the freedom to browse among the books it is important that the classified arrangement of books according to their numbers is maintained in the shelves for the convenience of the members themselves. Reference book is not to be issued. 
The main entrance of the Library floor - “Dewey Hall”. 
*Display of Library Layout
*Return section (Reception counter).
The return time of library 8.15 am. to 5.30 pm.
*Librarian’s room 
* Reading place both students and teachers
*Racks with Display and current vols of Journals, Periodicals and magazines
*Newspaper racks
*Coin collection Shelf
*Book of the Month( display of selected book for special attention)
*Writer’s Space
*Art Gallery (Staircase Wall is used for Art Gallery) 

Upper section of Dewey Hall
* Internet Resources (CD, DVD, E-Book corner and Cassettes)
* Open Book Reader & Screen reader (Blind)

“Ranganathan Reading Hall”

* Issue section (issue time of 8.25 am to 5.30 pm)
* stack room (Open Access)
*Reading place for both students and teachers
* 3OPAC counters
*Xerox section
*Technical section
*Reference Section
*Research Hub

First floor is known as “CHANAKYA Hall”

*Reference Section
* Media room (CD & DVDs)
*Commerce research room
* Thesis and Project Section
*English religion Section 
*MRP collection
*Hand written magazines
*College magazines & In-house Publications
*Reading space for both teachers and students 

The second floor known as “TAGORE READING HALL”

* English research room
*Bound volumes
*Book Bank
* English religion Section
*Reading space or both teachers and students. 

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