Composition of IQAC



Dr Sr Beena Jose (Sr Mable)                         



Dr Minimol K

Senior Administrative Officers:


Vice Principal and Dean of Students)


Dr Sr Beena T L (Sr Namitha)

Vice Principal & Dean of Academics


Office Senior Superintendent


Sr Lissy P V  (Sr Maria Paul)

Member from the Management


Dr Sr Ritty Nedumpara, Education Councillor

Nominee from Local Society


Mr Thomas Mathew

Nominee from Alumnae


Ms Najeema

Nominee from Stakeholder (Parents/Guardians)


Dr Joy, Dept. of Physics,St Thomas College, Thrissur

Nominee from Employer/Industrialist


Ms Sheela Kochouseph

Nominees from Teachers


J Coordinators


Dr  Anjaly  Kishore (Dept. of Mathematics)


Ms Maya Davi Chalissery (Dept. of English)


Dr Binu Ann Kuriachan (Dept. of Economics)



Dr Sheeba P (Dept. of Zoology)


Dr Malini K A (Dept. of Physics)


Dr Hemamalini (Dept. of Malayalam)


Dr V Shinju (Dept. of Sociology)


Dr Jerin Paul (Dept. of Statistics)


Ms Sareena Rose (Dept. of Computer Science)


Dr Veena Gopalan E (Dept. of Physics)


Dr Jiji Abraham (Dept. of Chemistry)


Dr Manju Madhavan (Dept. of Botany)


Dr Thomas Ruby Mariamma (Dept. of Home science)


Ms Nisha Leela Jose (Dept. of Commerce)


Mr Lims Thomas (Dept. of Social work)


Ms Divya C D (Dept. of English)


Ms Hemalatha V (Dept. of Physical Education)


Sr Jisna Jose (librarian)


Sr Limcy Raphael (Bursar)

Nominee from Students 
(Student Union Chairperson)


Ms Adra