Composition of IQAC

Composition of the IQAC 2019-20

Chairperson – Dr. Sr. Beena Jose (Principal)

IQAC Coordinator – Dr. Minimol K (Vice Principal & Dean of Academics, Associate Professor, Dept. of Social Work)

NAAC Coordinator – Dr. Malini K. A. - (Assistant  Professor, Research Guide and Head, Dept. of Physics)

Senior Administrative Officers –

Dr. Sr. Beena T.L. (Vice Principal & Dean of Students welfare,Assistant Professor, Dept. of Malayalam)               

Sr. Lissy P.V. (Office Senior Superintendent)

Member from the Management - Dr. Sr. Ritty J Nedumpara (Education Councillor)

Nominee from Local Society     - Mr. Thomas Mathew (Exe Engineer KSEB (Rtd.) and Administrator, Jyothi Engineering College)

Nominee from Alumnae            - Ms. Najeema U (Rtd Teacher, Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikkara,                                                                                         currently Advisory Board Member of DST -3 sections)

Nominee from Stakeholder (Parents/Guardians)  - Mr. Joy P.M.(Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Physics,                                                                                                         St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur)

Nominee from Employer/Industrialist     - Ms. Sheela Kochouseph (MD,V-Star)

Nominees from Teachers-

IQAC Joint Coordinators –

Dr. Anjaly Kishore (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics)

Ms. Maya Davi Chalissery (Assistant Professor, Dept. of English) 

Dr. Binu Ann Kuriachan (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics)                             


Dr. Sheeba P. – (Assistant Professor and Research Guide– Dept. of Zoology)

Dr. Hemamalini - (Assistant  Professor and Head, Dept. of Malayalam)

Dr. V. Shinju - (Assistant  Professor, Research Guide and Head, Dept. of Sociology)

Dr. Jerin Paul - (Assistant  Professor, Dept. of Statistics)

Ms. Sareena Rose - (Assistant  Professor, Dept. of Computer Science)

Dr. Veena Gopalan E- (Assistant  Professor and Research Guide, Dept. of Physics)

Dr. Jiji Abraham - (Assistant  Professor, Dept. of Chemistry)

Dr. Manju Madhavan- (Assistant  Professor, Dept. of Botany)

Dr. Thomas Ruby Mariamma - (Assistant  Professor and Head, Dept. of Home Science)

Ms. Nisha Leela Jose - (Assistant  Professor, Dept. of Commerce)

Mr. Lims Thomas - (Assistant  Professor, Dept. of Social Work)

Ms. Divya C. D.- (Assistant  Professor, Dept. of English)

Ms. Hemalatha V - (Assistant  Professor and Head, Dept. of Physical Education)

Sr. Jisna Jose – (Librarian)

Sr. Limcy Raphael – (Bursar)

Nominee from Students- Ms. Alinta Joy (Student Union Chairperson)