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Vimala College Autonomous Thrissur has six research centres – English, Commerce, Physics, Social Work,Economics and Malayalam. The institution strictly adheres to the rules and regulations of the University of Calicut, besides framing a Research Policy of its own.




Vimala College has an adequate research policy to foster the research in an intensive and collaboratine manner. Vimala College's culture of collaboration drives innovative contributions vital to the sustance of the contemporary scenario. To compliment teaching and learning processes the institution provides a platform to carry out research with freedom of enquiry, thought, expression and publication.

Research Policy



       The following committees work in collaboration for the promotion of the research in the instituiton.

  • Research and Consultancy Cell

       The objectives of the cell inlcudes the drafting of the Research Policy and the inculcation of  the research culture among the staff and students. The following are the members of the committe:-

 Principal          - Dr Sr Beena Jose

 Vice Principal  - Dr Malini K

Coordinator      - Dr Rose VJ

Members          - Dr Nisha Francis Alappatt 

                          -Dr Vimala M 

                          -Dr Jaya cherian 

                          - Dr Shinju V

                          - Dr Anjaly Kishore

                          - Dr Bijoy P Mathew

                           -Dr Hemamalini

  • Research Ethics Committe

      In order to carry out research in a fruitful manner approval from research Ethics Committe is required for all research that involves collecting new data from human participants and/or using pre- existing personal data. Applications for ethical approval should be submitted to the Centre with necessary documents. The members of the committe are as follows:-

Principal                           - Dr Sr Beena Jose

Legal expert                        - Dr Ignatious Antony

Medical Personnel              - Dr Sr Bena CMC

Mental Health Expert          - Dr SV Subramaniyan

Research guides                 - Dr Malini K

                                            - Dr Sheeba P

                                             - Dr Vimala M

Concerened Research Supervisor


  • Research Advisory Committe

      The admission at Research centres of the instituiton shall consists of Principal, three experts, one person nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, supervising teacher of the research scholar concerned, Head of the department, if he/she has Ph.D. The Ph D admission and progress evaluation of the students are carried by the RAC committe of each research student. The minutes of the RAC meetings are recorded.

  • Intellectual Property Rights Cell

   Intellectual Property Rights have played a crucial role in assuring the legal protection of our creativity as well as taking it to the next level of global exposure via collaborations with industrial, academic or publishing firms. While promoting the dissemination of knowledge without the fear of losing our claim on it, it also ensures economic incentives to the creators of innovative ideas. The following are the objectives of IPR

  1. To familiarize students, researchers and faculty with various steps to be taken in their pursuits of securing their inventions and innovations
  2. To acquaint the participants with management of  Intellectual Property Rights
  3. To inspire future researchers to make use of the privileges ensured by law in securing their rights on their intellectual property   

       Coordinator - Dr Honey sebastian

        Member      - Ms Anuja 

  • Institution Innovation Cell




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We envision the total transformation of the young women for their enrichment and of the society at large and the nation as a whole.


We dedicate ourselves to the mission of training women for their academic excellence, development of human skill and character formation based on the love of God and service to society and to the Nation.

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