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Programme Outcomes

Programme outcome : PG

At the end of the PG programme, students will have (been)

  1. Acquired core knowledge, both enduring and contemporary.
  2. Cultivated an aptitude for research and passion for lifelong learning.
  3. Sufficiently Informed to respond pragmatically and judiciously to current developments / issues - be it local, regional, national or global.
  4. Internalized the ability to source and utilize information.
  5. Moulded for the spontaneous expression of creativity to connect, modify, expand and develop.
  6. Acquired the expertise to apply knowledge for environmental sustenance.
  7. Incorporated disciplinary, interdisciplinary and supradisciplinary fields of study to understand, analyze and solve problems.
  8. Equipped with the competencies to respond to one’s calling, be it employment, entrepreneurship, self engagement, service, or any other.
  9. Procured empowerment for self enhancement and betterment of others, for common good and social welfare.
  10. Discerned the precepts of professionalism and professional ethics

Programme outcome : UG

At the end of the UG programme, students will have (been)

  1. Acquired good subject knowledge.
  2. Cultivated intellectual curiosity and love for learning.
  3.  Acquired a sound foundation for student progression.
  4. Comprehended the nuances of research and research ethics.
  5. Obtained fluency in language and ability for effective communication.
  6. Obtained problem solving and analytical skills.
  7.  Explored multidisciplinary domains for proficiency (communication, dependability, team work).
  8. Imbibed sound values and principles.
  9. Explored knowledge and learning for environment sustenance.
  10.  Ability to collaborate for common good and social welfare.


At the end of the programme a Vimalite will have

  • Comprehended the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship
  • Acquired life skills, values and competence to meet the demands and challenges of everyday life.
  • Demonstrated the employment of various literacies like textual, literary, scientific, artistic, numerical, technological.
  • Explored the path of self discovery for the expression of one’s own talents, passion and dedication
  • Demonstrated logical decision making and prudent reasoning when challenged with ethical problems


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We envision the total transformation of the young women for their enrichment and of the society at large and the nation as a whole.


We dedicate ourselves to the mission of training women for their academic excellence, development of human skill and character formation based on the love of God and service to society and to the Nation.

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