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Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) at Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur

UBA is a flagship program of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India through a challenge mode application. The mission is to enable participation by higher educational institutions to work with the people of rural India in identifying developmental challenges and evolving appropriate solutions for accelerating sustainable growth. It also aims to create a link between society and an inclusive academic system by providing knowledge and practices for emerging professions and to upgrade the capabilities of both the private and public sectors in responding to the developing needs of rural India

As a part of the UBA program, Vimala College (Autonomous) has set up a team of faculty members in the year 2018 from various streams headed by Dr. Salini K, Asst Professor, Dept of Commerce, as the college level Co-ordinator for UBA activities. UBA committee has been decided to take up the program and found five deserving villages as under:

1. Madakkathara

 2. Mulangunnathkavu

 3. Kolazhy

4. Thekkumkara

 5. Vilvattom

Baseline surveys in UBA villages:

An attempt has been made to cover all Households in the cluster allotted of the village. One Village survey form is to be filled for each village along with household surveys.  A template for the Baseline Household survey form as well as the Village survey form is filled and uploaded in the Reporting portal of UBA with the data collected during the field survey. 350 students participated in the survey. A total of 1,349 households have been covered under this survey. This is has been completed by January- February 2019.

Need Assessment and Analysis:

Need assessment of UBA villages has been done by the incorporation of knowledge inputs and revised plans and finalize them with local bodies along with communities, panchayat etc. Utilize the existing knowledge base and institutionalizing the area wise such as drinking water, education, health, agricultural practices, electrification, agricultural and rural industries, cooking energy, and watershed analysis. It also aims to foster collaborations with local bodies, governance, and knowledge institutions. It is done in March 2019.


Planting of trees at UBA villages: “Greening the Blue”

The UBA team at Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur has celebrated “Tree plantation drive- to beat Air Pollution” by planting trees that give fruits, medicinal value, and a large canopy. We consider it as the biggest annual event for positive environmental action where we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe. Approximately 7 million people worldwide die prematurely each year from air pollution, with about 4 million of these deaths occurring in Asia-Pacific. We believe that this day is celebrated to successfully get carbon neutrality, reducing greenhouse effects, focusing on forest management, and planting on degraded lands. We took this opportunity with immense pleasure as we regard any constructive action started at local can reach national or global. It can be a solo action or involve a crowd. It is the "People's day" to do something to take care of the earth and the environment.

Each place for planting these useful trees has been selected after one or two rounds of discussions with the President of each adopted village. The date allotted to our team was 26.06.2019. The trees like Mango, Gooseberry plants, and Luvica( Lovlolica, Botanical Name: Flacourtia Jangomas) are planted here. The team was headed by Dr. Salini K., (Institute coordinator, UBA) and 12 student volunteers.

Paya (Mat) Distribution during the time of flood

As a part of flood relief activities, the college has initiated inquiries to find the necessities and requirements of nearby villages adopted. The UBA wing of Vimala College has distributed 50 mats for the needy who are accommodated in Villadom School during the flood period (30.08.2019).

Solar Ambassador program

In the wake of energy sustainability and mitigating climate change, the idea of “Energy Swaraj” or localized energy self-sufficiency has been conceptualized.  The young generation, who will bear the maximum burden of climate change, has to be an integral part of this clean energy revolution and Energy Swaraj. The department of Physics has taken initiative to register 50 students by 1st October 2019 for the program and become solar ambassadors.

Developing a project for technology transfer for rural upliftment

Where the new technological solution is to be developed or an existing technological solution is to be customized, as per the local requirements, an additional grant would be available under the scheme, as recommended by the Subject Expert Groups. Identification of solutions by the Institutions should take place after a qualitative engagement with the rural people, local bodies, district authorities and obtaining a clear insight into the problems and requirements of the adopted villages. After evaluation of the proposed solutions, assistance would be recommended by SEG up to Rs.1 lakh per technology for the selection of technical solutions and up to Rs.50,000/- for customization of any existing solution in a village. This amount is towards meeting the gap in fund availability. UBA has been given the opportunity to all departments to come up with new project ideas to be implemented in UBA villages according to need assessment analysis. The college is waiting for responses from IIT Delhi. All selected solutions are to be executed in the village with the assistance of the Gram Panchayat and outcomes to be recorded by the institutions. A web-based monitoring system would be in place for all progress uploaded on the Portal by the institutions along with photographs.

Swachhata Hi Sewa Campaign

Vimala College (Autonomous), under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), has participated in the “plastic-free-village” Campaign in their adopted villages. The college facilitated the distribution of Cloth Bags with each household and collect back all Plastic Bags (12.10.2019) that are being used by them in connection with the ‘Swachhata Hi Sewa Campaign’ in adopted villages as initiated by our Prime Minister. We have made the Campaign effective in UBA villages so that at the national level UBA can be recognized as an effective program in the country. 

Tree Donation to the Primary Health Centre, Thekkumkara

Vimala College (Autonomous), under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), has donated 15 tree saplings to the Primary Health Centre, Thekkumkara. We have taken part in the initiative of the health centre to make it patient-friendly by greening the campus. UBA sourced 15 fruit tree saplings like Mango, Gooseberry plants and donated them to the health centre on 4th October 2016.


As part of the syllabus a Community Nutrition Camp “AROGYASAMHIDA” was conducted by 1 st Year MSc. and P.G Diploma Nutrition & Dietetics students of Home Science Department, Vimala College(Autonomous) Thrissur from 10th to 14th December 2019. The community of Kallampara Colony belongs to a below poverty category and they were not aware of nutrition and health. Our aim was to improve their knowledge of nutrition-related problems and their prevention. So the students took Nutrition awareness classes on various topics like Balanced diet, Lifestyle diseases, Menstrual hygiene, Cancer, and the importance of the Kitchen Garden. The classes were taken for the local community of Kallampara Colony, Thekkumkara, Wadakkanchery, Thrissur District in association with UBA on 13th December 2019.

The classes were taken by Anjana C.S, Sarika.V.Rajan, Akshatha T.V, Aneesha Paul T, Sandra P.S, and Mehnaaz Asaraf. The beneficiaries were adult females within the age group 20-55, in the presence of Smt. M.K Sreeja (Panchayat President), Smt. Eliamma Johnson (Block ember), Smt. Saritha A.K (CDS). Leaflets regarding the same topics taken in awareness class were also distributed. With regard to this, an interactive session was held.

Workshop on One-day cloth bag making

The Centre for women studies, Vimala College (Autonomous), and Unnath Bharath Abhiyan conducted a “One-day cloth bag making” training program on December 13, 2019, at a Palliative care centre for the patients and their dependents. The inaugural function as scheduled at 11:00 am, begun with the welcome address by Kolazhi panchayath member Bency Shaji. The Kolazhy panchayath member Essy Biju gave an introduction to the training program. The presidential address was delivered by Panchayath President P.C.Unnikrishnan, The training program was formally inaugurated with an inaugural address by Health Inspector Ramesh. The inaugural function came to an end with the vote of thanks given by Annie Raphael, Vice President of Kolazhi Grama Panchayath. The cloth bag-making session handled by Latha K.S.She is working as a teacher in Santhinikaethan school. The participants actively participated in the training program. At the end of the session, participants made attractive cloth bags in different shapes and sizes.

Planting of bamboo saplings at Thekkumkara

UBA Vimala and the Department of Botany have joined to plant bamboo saplings at Thekkumkara Village on 10.12.2019 as a part of greening initiatives and their eco-tourism development.

Pledge on Anti-Narcotics practices as part of “Vimukthi Week” celebration

The Principal, The UBA teacher in charge, and UBA student volunteers had taken a pledge on anti-narcotics activities and practices at our campus on 16.01.2020. The UBA team of the college plans to conduct a series of activities in connection with this. The initiative is a beginning to the programs charted under the name ‘D.A.R.E.’ (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).

Plastic-free campaign in association with Ministry of Broadcasting, Government of India

The Officials of the Ministry of Broadcasting, Mr. K. Jayakumar, Director, HarithaKeralam Mission, Mr. Binju Jacob, Jr. Health Inspector, Kunnamkulam has shared their views on the consequences of Plastic use and urged the need for a plastic-free campus on 31.01.2020. They also showcased a Mohiniattam performance by All India Radio artists. Students appreciated the show and understood the importance of the plastic ban.

Visit to Pratyasa Bhavan and Training on craft making

Pratyasa Bhavan is a home for mentally challenged women above 18 years of old run by the Social Justice Department, Govt. of Kerala. Around 30 inmates are there. Some of them are going to Special Schools. Through the discussions, with Pratyasa Bhavan Coordinator, UBA team of Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur identified the need to equip them with handcraft training, so that it would be entertainment as well as an income to them. Our UBA student representatives trained them to make paper bag, pen stand using ice cream sticks and some decorative items using newspaper. (03.02.2020)

Visit to Anganwadi, Toys and Storybooks Distribution

Drinking water, toilet facility, and ceiling fans are still luxuries for thousands of children in some of the state’s Anganwadis. The workers and helpers have a tough time owing to lack of facilities. An example identified by our UBA team was a centre at Athekkad in Kolazhy Panchayat in Thrissur which has been waiting for a clearance from the Revenue Department to get a six-cent puramboke land. Around 16 children are there. There were not even toys to play with. They are taking children to nearby houses as they lack toilet facilities.

The UBA student representatives of Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur visited the Anganwadi at Athekkad, Kolazhy Panchayat on 4th February 2020, collected toys and storybooks for them. They also engaged children with music and games. The children were very happy and they also entertained us with music and dance.

Visit to Pratyasa Bhavan by Department of Commerce

Students of Sem 4 B Com (Regular) have visited Prathyasha Bhavan, Thrissur for celebrating new year vibes with the inmates. The inmates were very happy in joining with our students. Our students arranged a variety of entertainment programmes with the participation of inmates.

As part of the extension activity (in concern with the departmental activities ), students of S4 BCom (regular) visited “Prathayasha Bhavan “ near Akashavani radio station, Paduakd on 13th December 2019(Friday). It is an institution rendering services for mentally retarded ladies of age 18 years and above. Students, with due support of Smt. Thahira (superintendent of the institution) and staff there, arranged a Christmas celebration for the 33 inmates and staff of the institution. Students made a Christmas crib, prior decorations and arranged several cultural programmes like carol songs, dance, etc. which began at 2.30 pm and ended by 3.30 pm

Cloth Bag Making

Training on cloth bag making (set 2) has given to interested students for making cloth bags for distribution in adopted villages on 10.02.2020. Around 160 bags have been made by our students to distribute among merchants and traders in these villages.

Paper pen making

The students of various classes were given training by the students themselves to make paper pens on 18.02.2020.

Survey on plastic use

The First-year UG Botany students conducted a survey on PLASTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT as part of the UBA Programme on 22.02.2020. The survey was conducted at Vilvattom, Mulamkunnathukkavu, and Madakkathara Panchayath during the first week of February. They visited 30 houses from each  Panchayath as part of the Survey. A leaflet was distributed so as to spread awareness about the harmful effects of plastic.

            In all three Panchayath, people are using plastic products in their households. They use it due to the easy availability of plastics goods. The majority of the people wanted to reduce the use of plastics as the disposal of waste plastic is a major problem. Even though people are aware of the danger of burning plastic, they are forced to dispose of plastic waste by burning. They are of the opinion that Government and Panchayath authorities need to take responsibility for the disposal of plastics. People are aware of the rules and regulations that came into effect and the recent ban on single-use plastics, plastic covers, etc. People are getting proper awareness about the disposal of plastic wastes through social media. But they lack facilities to dispose of plastic waste and organic waste separately.

       By summarizing all these points, we came to the conclusion that the majority of people are ignorant about the various facilities that the government had introduced. Government cannot impose a full ban on plastic products immediately. But we can effectively implement the five “R” s that are Reuse, Reduce, Refuse, Recycle and Repurpose.

Water Management Survey by Dept of Commerce

Students of B Com 6th Semester (Regular and Self Finance) had undertaken a survey on Water footprints with the supervision and assistance of M Com II semester students at Mulankunnathkavu Grama Panchayath on 19th November 2019. Almost 124 students took part in the survey. They were accompanied by PG students to give the necessary guidance. The students were oriented so as to brief them about the survey and the questionnaire. They were dropped off at the spot for the survey in the college bus. The third-year students (100 nos.) who were the enumerators were divided into groups of 2 each with a PG student for guidance. Ward Member Ms. Jessy also accompanied them to show the root and houses. They have taken a detailed survey to collect the data on water usage from the households by directly asking the people through a questionnaire and observation. Besides collecting information, each household was also informed of certain tips and suggestions for water conservation. Together with around 150 houses were covered and information collected and tabulated. The data gathered has been converted to a report and submitted to the HoD for approval and for further submission to the village beneficiaries.

The participants also carried out an awareness programme among the other students of the department on water conservation based on their experience at UBA village and gave necessary tips on conservation of water and reduction of water wastage.


Mask Distribution by UBA during Covid 19 Pandemic

As a part of Covid - 19 relief activities, the UBA wing of Vimala College (Autonomous),Tthrissur has distributed reusable masks to emergency services like police officials, panchayat officials, Asha workers and health workers on 01.04.2020. The following are the direct beneficiaries of the mask distribution:

  1. Irinjalakuda Police Station officials
  2. Mulankunnathkavu Panchayat (panchayath officials, Asha workers, and health workers)
  3. Health workers and Police officers, Edamuttam Panchayath

In connection to this, 50 masks have also been distributed to office staff members, Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur.

As a part of social commitment, the UBA team has distributed masks to the police officers on the road as well.

e-Quiz in connection with International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

The world observes June 26 as International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The theme for the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking - 2020 is “Better Knowledge for Better Care”.

In connection with this, the Unnat Bharath Abhiyan (UBA) of Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur conducted an online quiz on "Knowledge about Drug Abuse and Adverse Effects on Human Health". Altogether, there were 102 participants for the e-quiz. The participants were provided with e-certificates.

The link for the online quiz was:

Celebration of World Paper Bag Day – July 12

Paper bags are an environment-friendly alternative to harmful plastic bags and "Paper Bag Day" is celebrated worldwide on July 12. The day aims to spread awareness about using paper bags instead of plastic to help reduce plastic waste that takes thousands of years to decompose. The UBA team of Vimala College (Autonomous) has organized students(online) to make paper bags at home and distribute the same to their neighbourhood houses. The students of Semester 3 B Com (Regular)  and students of S5, B.Sc. Computer Science has undertaken the project and they have taken the responsibility fruitfully.

YouTube Link of paper bag making and distribution:

Online Survey on Awareness of ICT Tools by Dept. of Computer Science

The covid-19 pandemic has put the world out of order, and the teaching-learning process has also become a severe victim of this crisis. Fortunately, ICT has enabled the teaching fraternity to build the gap in the teaching-learning process with various tools and technologies. Though we have successfully implemented online teaching and virtual classrooms, this area is yet deep to be exploited and explored. Department of Computer Science, Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur in association with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan conducted a gap-analysis on perception and expectation on online teaching and learning under the schools in UBA villages and other schools in Kerala.

Click here to view the sample of survey form

“Abhiman 2020” – The Independence Day Celebrations, August 15, 2020

The Unnat Bharath Abhiyan club of Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur had organized various competitions for students from grades one to twelve in connection with 74th Independence Day (15th August 2020). The event was titled “Abhiman 2020”, commemorating the valor of our freedom fighters. The competitions were divided into three categories

  • First category       – Classes  1 - 4
  • Second category  –  Classes  5 - 10
  • Third category      –Classes  11 & 12

The competitions appropriated for the event were Fancy dress competition, Flag making competition (Cat.1), Chithrarachana, Malayalam Prasangam (Cat.2), and Video making competition, and Poster designing competition (Cat.3).


World Humanitarian Day (WHD) : August 19, 2020 (Webinar Series)

This is held every year on 19 August to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and to rally support for people affected by crises around the world. This year World Humanitarian Day comes as the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic over recent months. On this World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, we pay a special tribute to Real Life Heroes – humanitarians and front-line workers who are doing extraordinary things to help people whose lives have been upended by crises.


As a part of social commitment, the UBA wing of Vimala College (Autonomous) has started an educational Youtube Channel – V4U – to cater to the educational needs of Govt. Children’s Home, Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur. As per discussion with Ms. Sneha, Educator. The inmates of the Children’s Home have to resort only to Victors Channel for their classes from Standard 1 to 11.  The channel launched on September 5, 2020 (Teachers Day). The students of Vimala College have prepared educational video content for classes from Standard 1 to 11. The video was well accepted by the students of the children’s home and educators there. They extended their thanks through audio messages. We were ale to upload around 75 videos and we have more than 100 subscribers.


Click here to view our channel

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

The UBA wing organized celebrations in connection with October 2, Gandhi Jayanti to the school children of UBA villages. There were 4 events for the same (3 competitions and 1 virtual tour). Keeping in view of Bappu’s principles of serving the society, honesty and cleanliness, the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan team of Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur is organizing the following events to students of UBA villages.

  1. ‘Arise’ : The activity aims to create habit of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” by inculcating new and creative ideas in school children for creating “Best out of Waste”. Creative minds can create extra ordinary and useful things out of unwanted materials in a useful way. UBA volunteers create tutorial and educational videos and circulate the same among school children in UBA villages. This will enhance the creativity and nurture the value of environmental protection. We also encourage them to send back videos/photos illustrating the same at home. E- certificates will be provided to the participants.
  2. ‘Shine’ : This activity is dedicated as a befitting tribute to Gandhiji’s ideology of “Cleanliness”, as he believed and said“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” UBA team inculcates the true spirit of cleaning the surrounding during pandemic period by giving video illustrations of “Cleaning tricks and hacks” which will encourage the school children to help their parents in cleaning their home, electronic equipment and premises. We also encourage them to send back videos/photos illustrating the same at home. E- certificates will be provided to the participants.
  3. ‘Predict’ : The phrase "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" first emerged in Japan in the 17th century and was later adopted worldwide as a message of peace and tolerance due to Mahatma Gandhi's visual metaphor of the three monkeys, with one of them covering his eyes, the second his mouth, and the third his ears. If there is a fourth monkey, what will it represent? Participants kindly send us a drawing of 4th monkey depicting your thought.
  4. ‘Sail Over’ - Virtual Tour: "Sail Over" A virtual tour to Sabarmati Ashram which is a must-watch heritage for students of schools and colleges. In the wake of Gandhi Jayanti, the virtual tour can help the students to get through a journey of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Click here for Virtual Tour


Dyuthi – light – is an initiative of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) of Vimala College (Autonomous) which offers a digital library to school children in connection with Children’s day, November 14, 2020. It is a virtual library in which collections of books are stored in digital formats and accessible with a click by multiple users. The digital content is stored class-wise, topic wise and section-wise. Dyuthi is open to all school children who wish to browse through the world of reading during this pandemic. 


Click here to access the e-content of Class 1 to 10 (English Medium)

Click here to access the e-content of Class 1 to 10 (Malayalam Medium)


Awareness Video Creation in connection with International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking - 26 June 2021

The International Day Against Drug and Illicit Trafficking, also known as 'WORLD DRUG DAY, is celebrated annually on 26th June. The theme of World Drug Day 2021 is "SHARE FACTS ON DRUGS, SAVE LIVES". To create awareness students of UBA team created an awareness video and a skit.

Click here to watch our Awareness Video

Click here to watch our Skit

Malala Day - 12 July 2021

UBA of Vimala College wishes to provide a motivation for adolescent girls to speak up in front of people who will hear them and take necessary actions which they don’t get. We want them to advocate for their rights themselves boldly and without fear. With this vision in mind, we have created a small documentary of Malala Yousafzai and sharing her autobiography "I am Malala as a flipbook.

Paper Bag Day - 12 July 2021

Paper bags are an environment-friendly alternative to harmful plastic bags and "Paper Bag Day" is celebrated worldwide on July 12. The day aims to spread awareness about using paper bags instead of plastic to help reduce plastic waste that takes thousands of years to decompose. UBA of Vimala College is distributing paper bags made using old newspapers to various Medical Stores in UBA Villages as part of Paper Bag Day on 12 July 2021.

ASSIST @ 75:  Independence Day Programme by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan- 15 August 2021

On this special year, when India completed 75 years of complete freedom, UBA lends hands to those people who are intellectually disadvantaged and financially poor. On this occasion, UBA extends educational materials (Notebooks, pen, pencil, and eraser set) to 75 students who are inmates of social service institutions and orphanages in UBA villages.  The institutions selected for the activity are Govt. Children’s Home, Padukkad, Thrissur; St. Joseph’s Convent Special School, Vilvattom, Thrissur and Pope Paul Mercy Home, Mulankunnathkavu, Thrissur. The teachers in charge of UBA – Dr. Salini K. and Ms. Sreekala – have visited the institutions and handed over the materials to the inmates with the permission of authorities following covid protocol.

Youtube link for the same: 

Need Re-Assessment of UBA Villages - 15 September 2021 

After the new office bearers were elected, the UBA teachers-in-charge went for a personal visit to all the 5 villages on 15th September 2021 to meet the newly elected officials and to re-assess the requirements of their villages. We had fruitful discussions among all the officials including the President of Panchayath. At the outset, they require students' services for conducting inquiry surveys regarding the effects of Covid-19 and the position of Covid Vaccination. But immediate personal contact with the students was not possible at the moment, we offered telephonic and online services.

Survey @ Madakkathara Panchayath

Based on the Need Re-Assessment of UBA villages, the UBA wing of Vimala College (Autonomous) has started the Survey of Madakkathara Grama panchayath on October 1, 2021. The information required was listed into two categories by Panchayath authorities and the teachers' team made a questionnaire based on the same. Questions were designed to get data relating to (1) Basic demography of the respondent (2) Covid -19 and related aspects (3) Data required for “Vathil Padi Sevanam” As there are Covid restrictions, direct survey with the personal inquiry was not possible. The survey was conducted by the students of Vimala college with the help of telephonic calls and the data were entered in the google form. A total of 10,807 households in 16 wards were covered under this survey. For this survey, a total of 556 students from Departments of Computer Science, Commerce, Chemistry, Physics, Malayalam, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, and B Voc (Web Technology) participated. A report has been prepared based on the data collected and submitted to the Panchayath for perusal on 16th November 2021.

The link for the google form and other related activities:

The consolidated report can be accessed at: ing

List of Students participated : (556 students



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