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I. B.Voc (Web Technology) (self financing 2021 onwards)

The accessibility to the whole world is available on your finger tips now, and this is considered as the biggest technical revolution so far happened. The size of the web increases exponentially every year and websites have become an integral part in today’s e-world. This course focuses on bridging the Gap in building efficient websites with perfect graphics and easy usability. Use of Cross platform tools, auto responsive websites, and search engine optimization skills are also needs of the hour which are also addressed in the course. This course provides skills on creation, design and maintenance of websites which is always a booming and sustainable area of employment.
Job Roles:
Diploma Level – Web Designer

Advance Diploma Level – Web Programmer & Web application Developer
 B.Voc Degree - Web Application Architect & Testers
Our Industry Partners: InfoSphere Web Technologies, Palakkad; QuadLeo Tecchno
Solutions, Kozhikkode: Linways Ekm



II. B.Voc (Food processing) (self financing 2021 onwards)

This course will provide an understanding about the meaning of processed foods and the role nutrition in the development of a new food product and types of preservatives and their role. Being informed and knowledgeable about how to produce new products is just as crucial as is creating products that have market value. This course provides a foundation for developing those new products better, and minimizing all types of risks along the way from product quality risks to health and business risks. Qualification in home science and
specializations in food technology, nutrition or food services management could help with better opportunities. Similarly, certification in dietetic applied nutrition, food science and preservation helps candidates advance in career
Job Roles:
 Diploma Level – Baking Technician
 Advance Diploma Level – Milk Product Analyst
 B.Voc Degree – Quality Controller/ Product Analyst
Our Industry Partners: CAICO The Canning Industries Cochin Ltd, Thrissur; Manjilas Food
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