Graduate Attributes

Portrait of a Vimala Graduate       

  1. Comprehensive subject knowledge
  2. Inquisitiveness and unquenched  yearning  for learning
  3. Effective and discerning  utilization  of information
  4. Self-Knowledge and articulation    of   potential  and talents
  5. Engaged, committed and accountable negotiator  of humanitarian concerns
  6. Ethical competency, decorum and propriety
  7.  Leadership qualities and  zeal for teamwork
  8. Readiness  for Calling :Vocation, Mission, Career
  9. Proficiency in communication and use of technology
  10. Problem  solving and analytical skills
  11. Life skills and emotional quotient to overcome unforeseen challenges
  12. Active crusader  for  environment sustenance
  13. Accountable  and responsible citizenry
  14. Inspired to be distinctive and unique in chosen sphere
  15. Deep rooted faith in the Divine