Internship Guidance Cell

                  Internship Guidance Cell

The Internship Guidance Cell at Vimala College (Autonomous) is a dynamic body, envisioned to open up trajectories of diverse internship opportunities and get the student community in touch with the larger horizons of employability and practical experience in their disciplines.


  1. Identify Internship programmes suitable for each discipline
  2. Disseminate information and guide the students to explore various internship opportunities
  3. Offer guidance in the correspondence with institutions of high repute
  4. Identify the hurdles students face in making it to quality internship programmes and suggest remedial measures
  5. Establish and maintain collaborations with esteemed organisations where our students can have practical exposure to their disciplines in action


Events Organised

Opportunities for online internship - Online Orientation Programme

October 9, 2020

Time  2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

Resource Person : Sahil Sharma , CEO GIGINDIA, Pune, Maharashtra