Research Policy


Vimala College Autonomous Thrissur has five research centres – English, Commerce, Physics, Social Work and Economics. The institution strictly adheres to the rules and regulations of the University of Calicut, besides framing a research policy of its own:


  • Scholars should follow the rules and regulations of the University admission procedure regarding PhD.
  • Scholars need to get prior consent from the research supervisor regarding the area of research.
  •  Scholars have to remit the prescribed annual fee in a single instalment (before July 30) or in two instalments ( July 30  and  January 31) until submission of  thesis .
  • There should not be any backlog regarding fee at the time of submission of the Synopsis
  • The fee collected will be utilised for the following :

a. RAC meetings

b. Research Conclaves

c. Talks by subject experts

d. Use of facilities in the Centre

  • A copy of all documents pertaining to the programme should be maintained at the Centre


  • Scholars must submit himself / herself to the progress evaluation sessions stipulated by the University and the Centre.
  • It is mandatory to present progress at the Research Conclave organized by the Research Committee
  • Scholars are required to make a monthly presentation at the Centre concerned
  • Scholars shall undergo a course work of one-semester duration, which may  include teaching, seminar and  duties assigned by the Centre
  • Scholars should qualify the  Pre qualifying examination   required by  the  University.
  •  Scholars should publish a minimum of two research papers in peer reviewed Journals, of which one should be an international journal before the date of submission of his or her thesis to the University. The article need to bear the address of the research centre, and the list of authors should include the name of the  guide and co guide


  • Prior to the Pre submission formalities, the scholars need to ensure that the thesis is formatted in accordance with the university specifications
  • Scholars shall give a pre- submission seminar  at least three months before the date of submission of the Thesis 
  • Written request for the conduct of pre -submission synopsis presentation must be submitted to the research committee and  the  Head of Research Centre  two weeks prior to the event.  The request letter must be forwarded by the supervising guide.
  • The modifications suggested at the Pre submission seminar need to be incorporated in the final draft of the thesis in consultation with the Guide.


  • The submission of Thesis may be permitted only after completion of three years from the date of registration and completion of Course Work.
  • The scholars need to fulfil the formalities of submission specified by the University
  • Deviations from any ethical aspects like plagiarism will be considered a serious offence. 
  • Prior to the submission of Synopsis the scholars have to get approval from the concerned Head of the research department
  • The Thesis need to be submitted within three months of the Pre- submission seminar.
  • The Scholars must procure  no due certificates from the Centre concerned  and the Library prior to the submission of Thesis
  • A copy of the Thesis to be kept in the centre.


  •  The Scholar has to face an Open Defence of his/her Thesis for the successful completion of PhD programme.
  • The defence of the Thesis shall take place in the Research centre.  The regulation of the University has to be adhered to.
  • The event of the Open Defence is   to be officiated by the Supervising teacher/Co guide, Head of the Institution and the External Examiner as the chairman.
  • The audience for the Open Defence includes faculty, academicians, Scholars and students, and all those   who have academic interest in the subject.  The number should fulfil the minimum requirement stipulated by the University
  • The Open Defence session will be moderated by the chairman, who at the conclusion will present a report  of the event and   proclaim the result .
  • A report shall be prepared by the Chairman in consultation with the Supervising Teacher based on the Open Defence.
  • The report shall be signed by the external expert and supervising teacher  and  forwarded  to the University.

Research Committee

  • Principal –Chairperson
  • Dean of Academics
  • Coordinator
  • Joint Coordinator
  • Members –five teachers who are research guides

Objectives :

  • Draft Research Policy
  • Inculcate research culture in staff and students

Research Monitoring Committee

Constitution  --Besides the members of the research committee, all research guides of the college will be members of this committee

Objectives :

  • Develop, prescribe  and administer code of conduct for all researchers  and to ensure they adhere to it
  • Ensure that the basic ethics of research is not violated
  • Provide research facilities in terms of laboratory equipment ,research journals aid research incentives etc required by the faculty
  • Organise workshops /training programmes / sensitisation programmes to promote a research culture on campus
  • Invite industry to use the research facilities of the college and sponsor research projects
  • Institute research awards and creates incentives for the faculty who receive state ,national and international recognition for research contributions
  • Publicise the research expertise and consultancy capabilities available in the college 
  • Prepare a plan of research activities of college for the year with relative priorities


  • The research topic as well as methodology and techniques should not violate the ethical values of the institution and nation
  • Attendance of the Scholars, both full time and part time, is compulsory.  The attendance Register shall be maintained by the Head of the Department concerned.
  • Scholars who are eligible for Casual leave / Duty leave / medical / maternity / paternity leaves as per the orders issued by the University, may avail   the same with prior sanction from the Head of the Institution. The application for the same should be forwarded by the Guide concerned.
  • Scholars should be available  in the  Centre in all working days ( unless/ otherwise designated for  any  research activity  outside the centre)
  • All publications from the centres should undergo a strict plagiarism test.
  • The scholar must submit himself / herself to the  progress evaluation sessions  stipulated by the  centres and the University.
  • Scholars should submit the progress of their work every six months before the external Research Admission Committee.
  • There must be monthly presentation of the work done in the departments concerned Analytical   facilities in the Research centre will be extended to the researchers from other  institutes on payment of analytical charges
  • Consultancy services and educational infrastructure  of the Centre may be extended to scholars and students from other institutions at a prescribed fee and to the extent decided by the Committee