Vision and Mission


We envision the total transformation of young women for their enrichment and of the society at large and the nation as a whole.

A premier institution for women’s education in the state, Vimala is dedicated to the vision of empowering young girls and aiding their development. All efforts are directed towards transforming them holistically into independent, capable, sensitised and responsible women who will be assets to the society and work diligently for the progress of the nation leaving their stamp of excellence on every endeavour taken up.


We dedicate ourselves to the mission of training women for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and service to the society and country.

Every strategy and technique adopted towards the enhancement of existing structures of teaching-learning mechanism is congruent with the focal mission of the College that seeks to realise the dream of holistically developed women. Vimala understands the need for equipping students with the necessary skills that augment their employability and raise their potential, recognises the responsibility towards refining each student’s character and the role played in inculcating a strong sense of ethics and principles along with taking them forward on the path of academic excellence.   

CMC Education Policy

Teaching is not just a profession but a sacred call, a great apostolate through which we participate in the teaching mission of the church. Our aim is the pursuit of intellectual and professional excellence for the total transformation of the human person for his/ her own enrichment and for the service of the society and the nation in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Education is the noblest of all professions and the worthiest of all sectors for it shapes the coming days and fashions the future. The Higher Education Policy stands steadfast upon the ideals and principles that form the foundation upon which all CMC institutions are set up as cities in the service of youth.