Community college

I.Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design (DIAD)
Interior design is not only about making the surroundings aesthetically beautiful but it focuses on the functional aspects of living space. The space we live in influence our personality, attitudes and ethical and aesthetical views. In today’s modern world interior design and architecture go hand in hand which enable the students to make effective judgment of colours, accessories and textures that is most appropriate to the holistic development of personality creating a place that soothes and relaxes one’s soul.
Job Roles:
Diploma Level – Civil draftsman, Colour consultant, Commercial and Residential
Space planner, Interior 3-D visualise Interior designer
Our Industry Partners: Dev Associates

II.Diploma in Digital Video Production
The highly challenging world of media requires more and more qualified professionals to meet its current demands. The diploma course in Digital Video Production aims to groom the students in the world of visual media by giving them comprehensive classes on the art and craft of photography and videography. The course will enable the students to become highly competitive media professionals for self employability as well as for equipping them for them highly demanding media industry. The course that spans over 900 hours with intense practical sessions will instill confidence in the students to handle the media independently. Practical hands on training sessions with constant guidance and supervision by qualified professionals and instructors will sharpen the media skills of the students
Job Roles:
 Diploma Level – Media Consultant, Professional Photographer, Cinematographers,
Our Industry Partners: Chetana Media Institute

III. Diploma in Tourism Management and Hospitality
Despite the huge growth in the Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Industry, recent reports have highlighted the lack of skilled staff to fill the vacancies. Perhaps the sector is growing so fast that it is creating jobs it cannot suitably fill, but either way, having a certificate or Diploma in Tourism management and Hospitality can only be a good thing. This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to work in the Tourism and hospitality Industry world wide

Job Roles:
 Diploma Level – Travel Consultant, Front Office Executive, Tour guide
Our Industry Partners: District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Thrissur