Department of Sanskrit

Department established in the year 1967.

Highlights of the Department

The Department of Sanskrit offered a Certificate course on Sanskrit Phonology on 2014  

Courses offered

  • Common course for BA/B Sc students
  • Complimentary course for B.A Malayalam
  • Complimentary course for PG Malayalam students

 Succession of Heads 

  • 1967-1982 - Dr. Sr. Pastor
  • 1982-2013 - Dr. Parvathy K.N 
  • 2013-2014 - Jiji, Assistant Professor on contract
  • 2014-2017 - Rasmi B, Assistant Professor on contract 
  • 2017 -2018 - Dr. Anjaly Pankajakshan, Assistant Professor on contract 
  • 2018 onwards- Dr Vanaja V S


  • विद्यया अमृतमश्नुते
  • Imparting knowledge in Indian system of culture and thought
  • Building up a good carrier based on values
  • “कर्मणा याति संसिद्धिम्” & “असक्तोह्याचरन् कर्म परमाप्नोति पूरुषः”


  • Imparting ancient Indian learning system and thought among the young generation
  • Sanskrit learners are torchbearers of a value based culture as Sanskrit is the key to the vast treasure of knowledge we have inherited from vedic times and in which a great literature is enshrined.