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Committee for Inclusivity

The Cell is basically meant for creating an environment in the college to enrich higher education learning experiences of differently-abled persons. Creating awareness about the capabilities of differently-abled persons, construction aimed at improving accessibility, purchase of equipment to enrich learning, etc., are the broad categories of assistance under this scheme.

Specific Objectives :

1. To provide equal educational opportunities to differently-abled persons in college.

2. To create awareness among the functionaries of college about the specific educational needs of differently-abled persons.

3. To equip institution with the facilities to provide access to differently-abled persons.

4. To provide special devices to that will augment the learning experiences of differently-abled persons.


Smt Dolly Augustine,Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Dr Harish Jose, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Ms Laveena Varghese, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics


Ramavarmapuram Road
Thrissur 09
Kerala, India

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We envision the total transformation of the young women for their enrichment and of the society at large and the nation as a whole.


We dedicate ourselves to the mission of training women for their academic excellence, development of human skill and character formation based on the love of God and service to society and to the Nation.

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