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Vimala College is committed towards delivering need-based support services to students with an aim of keeping them motivated and equipped to pursue both academic and personal goals. There is an efficient and well-structured mentoring system in the Institution which assures that every student receives necessary support and guidance. The mentoring policy ensures that all students of Vimala College can access assistance through a personal and professional mentor-mentee relationship. The mentor is a faculty member who meets the mentee on a regular basis and provides support and guidance to identify and enhance the strengths of the mentee, enabling her to manage academic and personal challenges.

The underpinning principles of this Mentoring Policy are:

•  An environment of care and personal attention will be ensured, helping students perform to their full potential while at Vimala College.

•  Develop a stimulating environment based on student’s strengths, promote their creativity, and acknowledge and appreciate their endeavours.

•  Promote diversity and assuring equality of opportunities.

•  Facilitate additional support to all students who are vulnerable and at the risk of dropping out.

•  Demonstrate mutual respect, dignity, and compassion in the mentor-mentee relationship.   

•  Understand the duty of the mentors to assist and guide students to achieve their aspirations, ensuring that their experience at Vimala College is a positive one that further offers them progression and employment opportunities.


Operational Guidelines

• Each student is to be allocated a faculty member as her mentor.

•  A mentor will provide support to a maximum of 20 students.

•  Mentoring includes one-to-one or small group interaction with students to achieve  planned  outcomes.  It  includes  activities  such  as  tutoring  or coaching.

• The mentors should make earnest efforts to understand their mentees, help them settle well in the new environment and provide adequate support during this phase of transition.

• The mentor should be aware of the social/family background of the mentee and elicit information from students in a respectful and dignified manner (home visits, parents' meeting etc. to be organized if necessary, with the consent of the students).

• The mentor should identify the strengths of the mentees and inspire them to pursue every opportunity to utilize their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

•The mentor should encourage the students to overcome their inhibitions, identify and help with areas where the mentee needs improvement.

• The mentor will act as a guide, coach and role model for the mentee.

•  The mentor should interact periodically with the student and their family to review the experience gained and set objectives for the next phase.




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