Department of English

         The Department of English came into existence in 1966 at St. Mary’s College, Thrissur. In 1967, the Department was shifted to Vimala College, when the colleges were bifurcated. Sr. Stella Maria was the founder Principal of Vimala College. Sr. Mary Leo assumed charge as the first Head of the Department of English in Vimala College. The retirement of Sr. Leo in 1974 marks the end of a tradition. Her contribution for more than twenty five years is part of theVimala saga. As Head of the department, she was chiefly instrumental in nurturing the Post- Graduate wing of the English Department. She played an unsurpassed role in introduction and promotion of liberal education in the college. Her unparalleled organising and artistic skills helped to carve out an aesthetic tradition. Dr. Sr. Cleopatra assumed charge as the Head of the Department of English, after the retirement of Sr. Leo. 
The world owes much to its poets and prophets as to its rulers and statesmen. It was this conviction that worked when the Department decided to institute the Leo Trophy. The Poets- Artists Day, it was hoped would give scope for the students to introduce their favourite poets, authors and artists on stage. Sr. Leo Trophy was instituted by the staff and students of the English Department to perpetuate the memory of  Rev. Sr. Leo who was herself an embodiment of all that is beautiful in art. In 1978-79, the college was recognized as Research Centre for English Language and Literature with Dr. Sr. Cleopatra as the guide. In 1982 Dr. Sr. Cleopatra took charge as the Vice- Principal of Vimala. In 1997, Functional English was launched with twenty three students in the first batch. In 2012-13, ASAP, a joint initiative of the departments of Higher Education and General Education of the state was launched. Business English Certificate course was introduced 2016. A team of eighteen led by the vibrant Head of the Department Dr. Joycee O J strives to accomplish great deeds in the vast field of academia. As the golden Jubilee bells chime, it harbingers a new tomorrow, a wider horizon and a glorious future.



  • Language Lab( Chomsky Convergence Centre)
  • Alumnae Lecture Series 
  • Creative Writers’ Forum
  • Reading Forum
  • Speakers’ Forum 
  • Peer Teaching
  • Film Club
  • Integrating Technology with Teaching
  • Writers’ Wall
  • Department Library
  •  Students taken out to Workshops, Media industry etc. 
  • Research Centre 


To Create and Disseminate Knowledge and Language Through Research and Creative Enquiry, Teaching and Learning.


To Bring Holistic Transformation in Students by implementing Innovative Teaching and Learning Skills.