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(Subject to change depending upon the University / Government Orders)

  •  Bonus / weightage marks will be added to the index marks for ranking purpose.
  • 5% of the selection index will be added as grace marks/points to the index marks for those candidates who passed their qualifying examinations from Calicut University.
  • Students who have worked in the Illiteracy Eradication Programme on voluntary basis in any capacity for at least one year will be allowed 5 bonus marks/points for PG admission.(Circular- GA I/A2/4990/1988 dated 06.06.1994).
  • 5 (Five) marks/points for PG admissions shall be awarded as bonus marks to N.S.S / N.C.C cadets subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions, for the purpose of ranking.
a. In respect of NCC applicants the bonus marks will be awarded on the basis of NCC certificates signed by the Director and issued by the Directorate of NCC to the candidates who have secured at least 75% of attendance after having participated in its activities during the course of the study which is included in the eligibility criteria for the programme/course for which admission is sought. (U.O.No. 9923/2022/Admn Dated:12.05.2022).
b. For awarding bonus marks/points to NSS participants the basis will be N.S.S. certificates signed by the Vice-Chancellor and issued by the University to volunteers who have completed 240 hours of work within a period of two years in the programme of study immediately preceding the programmes/courses for which admission is sought.
c. The benefit of bonus marks for the purpose of admission can be availed by the candidates only under any one category, either N.S.S or N.C.C.
d. Cadets holding NCC A,B,C certificates are eligible for an additional weightage of 3,5,10 marks respectively for admission to Post Graduate programmes, limited to a maximum of 10 points only.
e. The bonus points or additional weightage marks will be given to those cases of NCC Certificates even if grace marks have already been awarded. (U.O No.685/2017/Admn Dated:17.01.2017).


  • 10 marks shall be deducted out of the ranking points, for every successive attempt after first attempt for those who have taken two or more chances to complete the qualifying examination, subject to a maximum of 25 marks. The number of chances means the number of chances taken for passing any part or parts of the qualifying examination after the normal period fixed for the completion of the qualifying programme/course. Betterment/Improvement examination will not be considered as a chance.




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