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Department of Physical Education

Best Practices

  • Motivating large number of students to take part in sports competitions by organizing regular intramural and extramural competitions.
  • Promote exercise in the whole College for students and faculties as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Give training to local fitness enthusiasts.
  • Department of Physical Education is keen to conduct summer camps for children in the age group of 6 to 18 from the locality every year.

Many parents send their children to camps during the summer to keep them entertained and to help develop their maturity and teach them life lessons. Sports camps, in particular, benefit children in many ways that other less active camps do not achieve. The benefits of sports camps include valuable life lessons about responsibility, hard work, and even health and fitness. The children get to improve their skills on the field or court. Most importantly, children have a great time at sports camps and make memories that last a lifetime.

We ensure these benefits to all children participating in our Summer Sports Camp:

1. Health and fitness

2. Techniques and skills

3. Responsibility and work ethics

4. Tolerance and cultural awareness

5. Social skills and intercultural communication

6. Self-esteem and confidence

7. Enjoyment and renewed love of sport


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