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V-TRACK (Tuning Research Aspirants towards Creating Knowledge)

V-Track is the IQAC initiative to inculcate research aptitude in the UG students by providing them an option to collaborate on Research Projects. The initial project was on discipline specific investigation of aspects related to COVID-19. Aimed at co-creating a culture to ensure student research at the undergraduate level when they are best disposed towards exploration, V Track is the need of the hour. This is a trajectory onto which aspiring students from each department can venture, endowing the institution an avenue to track the students’ progression in the path of discovery. Along with boosting up intrinsic motivation, this would enrich undergraduate experience and help to build confidence. Resourceful sessions on Research Methodology and Academic Writing. Research Excellence Award Opportunity to disseminate findings through Research Conclaves, Conferences and Journals.

It is with an objective to unfurl a scholarly pathway for the undergraduates of the College, that the IQAC envisages V Track, Training Research Aspirants towards Creating Knowledge – A "Students as Researchers" Scheme. A team of students (3 to 4) Nominated from among second year students of each department. Selected students can choose one or two supervisors comprising faculty and/or research scholar(s) from the College who will act as mentors. Interdisciplinary topics are to be given preference. Research seminars were conducted for students .





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