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The student fraternity has been the motivation for Vimala to forge ahead in the field of education – crafting and moulding generations of bold, excelling, successful women of character. A premier institution for women’s education in the state, Vimala is dedicated to the vision of empowering young girls and aiding their development. All efforts are directed towards transforming them holistically into independent, capable, sensitised and responsible women who will be assets to the society and work diligently for the progress of the nation leaving their stamp of excellence on every endeavour taken up. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) announces the launch of Vinspiration – a venture that seeks to bring home the meritorious alumnae and arrange a platform for the exchange of ideas, thoughts and experiences. Graduands of Vimala who are currently enrolled in premier institutes across the world and different parts of the country would be invited to engage in brief sessions with the present student community, thereby enabling focussed, inspired and determined efforts from the part of the present students in achieving the laurels and heights scaled by their seniors. The vibrant alumnae community will thus partner with the College in opening up vistas of opportunities to Vimalites. ‘Vinspiration’ blends ‘V’ and ‘inspiration’, with ‘V’ referring to spirit of Vimala and the vibrance of Vimalites who have done their Alma Mater proud.



Ramavarmapuram Road
Thrissur 09
Kerala, India

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We envision the total transformation of the young women for their enrichment and of the society at large and the nation as a whole.


We dedicate ourselves to the mission of training women for their academic excellence, development of human skill and character formation based on the love of God and service to society and to the Nation.

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