Department of Zoology


            Department of Zoology offers a mesmerizing journey into the fascinating world of animals and their interactions with the environment. It provides students with contemporary, high-quality constructive education in life processes, with emphasis on animal science.
        The Department came into existence in 1967 under the eminent leadership of Prof.Sr. Secunda. Department focus is on the enhancement of student excellence through their experience of the fundamentals of life processes, which ultimately leads to their progress in the society.  Both under graduate and post graduate courses are being offered by the Department, which is facilitated through excellent infrastructure and qualified faculty members. 

Highlights of the department

  • Very good academic results
  • Vibrant research culture
  • Start up programme –fish farming in the campus
  • Career orientation classes
  • Career directory of the department
  • Certificate courses for 1st and 2nd year UG courses
  • NPTEL/Swayam courses
  • Placement programmes
  • Internship programmes
  • Zoo related activities
  • Industrial collaboration (with functional MoU)
  • Entrepreneurship skill development programmes
  • Remedial coaching for slow learners
  • Peer teaching
  • Environment awareness and protection programme
  • Butterfly garden
  • Emphasis on community health programmes
  • Department library and book bank


Vision of the Department
Experience the ‘Essence of Life’ 

Mission of the Department
“Awaken in students the intricacies of Nature and Conserve its Biodiversity”