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B.Voc Food Processing

The programme was started in 2018 under the Home Science department. This course provides a well-defined foundation in food processing. In a nutshell the program covers everything related to food products. The domains of study include Preservation, Food Safety, Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Waste Mangement, Product Development, Standardisation, Entrepreneurship, Business Management and so on. Being a professional course the program offers the students to pursue their career in industries right after their graduation or partial completion of the course as a diploma. The industrial opportunities fall in the field of R&D, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Food Safety Management, Hygiene and Health, Production Management etc. Higher studies can be taken up in a number of domains such as Food Processing, Cereal Technology, Fermentation Technology, Drinks and Beverages, Bakery and Confectionary, Food Microbiology, Dairy Technology, Nutrition Science, Animal Food Processing and so on. Since the branch of food processing technology is advancing more than ever, the research opportunities are vast.

Job Roles:
 Diploma Level – Baking Technician
 Advance Diploma Level – Milk Product Analyst
 B.Voc Degree – Quality Controller/ Product Analyst



  • It focusses to sharpen the skills of the student through its practical way of training.
  • Helps the student to expertise in specific trade or career.
  • Multiple entries and multiple exit design


To create trained & skilled women well versed in technological aspects of food processing and to cater the needs of the growing food processing sectors.


To prepare students both acdemically and skill wise to compete and perform in the applied field of food processing


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