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B.Voc (Web Technology) (self financing 2021 onwards)

With the dawn of the web, the whole world can be accessed in mere seconds. The size and reach of the Internet are growing by the minute and websites have become an integral part of this growth. With the increasing popularity of websites comes an increasing demand for skilled web developers. This course focuses on bridging the skill gap in building efficient websites that are lightweight and user-friendly. The course also addresses other career requirements like knowledge of cross-platform tools, awareness of auto-responsive web development and experience with search engine optimization. Apart from these, the course aims to enhance the skills required for the design, creation and maintenance of websites ensuring that the students find lucrative and sustainable employment opportunities.


Transformation of young women into IT experts and also make them proficient enough to face the global challenges by imparting quality training in moral, spiritual and technical realms.


To inspire the students to reach to their high potential by imparting quality education infused with ethical values.

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