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Department of Hindi

Department Overview


Department History

  • 1967 : Established at Vimala College

Department Heads  

  1. Smt.Suseela Nambiar 1967-1990
  2. Dr. Sr. Sobel               1990-1995
  3. Smt .Usha Karunakaran 1995-2004
  4. Dr. Jayasree P.D. 2004 -2007
  5. Dr. Sr. Marriette A Therattil     2007 -2016
  6. Dr.Mimi Mani Panakkal 2016 Onwards
  7. 1995 :  Dr .Sr .Sobel appointed  as Principal of the College
  8. 1996: Dr .Sr .Sobel transferred to St Marys College as Principal.
  9. 1979 : Pre Degree Commerce group introduced : 4 faculty members in the department
  10. 2004: Pre Degree delinked: No of Faculty reduced to 2.
  11. 2016:Dr.Sr.Marriette A Therattil transferred to St.Marys College as Principal.
  12. 2017:Dr.Sr.Marriette A Therattil appointed as Principal of the College
  13. 2018: Dr Mimi Mani Panakkal appointed as Head of the Department



To inculcate in students proficient use of the national language which could help them to be better citizens


To instill the ability to use language effectively for the purpose of practical communication and to equip learners to express their ideas in Hindi


Ramavarmapuram Road
Thrissur 09
Kerala, India

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Vimala College

We envision the total transformation of the young women for their enrichment and of the society at large and the nation as a whole.

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