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The Department of Social Work is a recognized research centre for Social Work in University of Calicut. Dr Minimol K & Dr Jaya Cherian are the approved research guides of the centre. Along with that, the department of social work collaborated with various organizations from the different parts of the state to conduct studies on various socially relevant themes. The faculties and students are enthusiastic to carry out researches on various social themes and disseminate the finding through various seminars and publications.

Research Expertise

Dr. Jaya Cherian         : Community Interventions, Gender Studies

Dr. Minimol K            : Health Care Social Work, Mental Health

Dr. Treesa T Pulickal   : Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Youth Development

Consultancy Areas

Dr. Jaya Cherian         : Community Development, Gender Studies 

Dr. Treesa T Pulickal   : Mental Health, Adolescent and Youth Development

Mr. Lims Thomas        : Child Development

Ms. Anjali Ashokan    : Livelihoods and Food Security


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