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Young women play a pivotal role in building a healthy nation. In today’s techno savvy world adolescents are often seen running through primrose paths, succumb to the impact that social media extends on body image; not to overlook peer pressure and academic stress. Unhealthy eating habits has contributed to numerous lifestyle diseases and hormone related diseases among the adolescence.  To create awareness on the fundamental facts of good nutrition by adopting healthy eating habits, indeed has become the need of the hour. In this context, the purpose of this program is to ensure that all students become aware of the relevance of physical activity, nutrition and maintenance of an ideal body weight for a healthy and productive future.



            The Department of Home Science promptly implements strategies to create awareness at both college and community level on the relevance of adequate nutrition in promoting health. The programs are conducted in commemoration of the National Nutrition Week celebrations (September 1st -7th). Several awareness campaigns focusing on prime nutritional problems among vulnerable communities like adolescents, pregnant women and geriatrics are conducted at colleges, hospitals and community. Free diet counseling sessions are conducted for staff and students, Exhibitions of healthy recipes, with robust nutritional benefits are implemented at care homes and institutions. Intercollegiate quiz competitions in association with World Heart day, Breast feeding week, diabetes day, dietetics day are conducted (through various online platforms during the pandemic) to ensure basic nutrition education to college students. Free medical camps are organized in the campus in association with clinical laboratories. The department offers add on course related to food an nutrition to students of other departments which imparts awareness on the importance selection of nutrient rich food in their daily diet.

In connection with the National Nutrition week celebrations, every year the Department of Home Science conducts “NUTRI GIRL “competition for the students of Vimala College. Umpteen number of students participate in the competition as it gives them a platform to present themselves as a fit and healthy adolescent. The initial level of the competition grades students according to their Body Mass Index (based on the assessment of their height and weight) and waist hip ratio, which are internationally accepted concepts related to the health status of an individual. Based on the evaluation, the Diet consultancy services run by the Department provide tailored nutritional counselling to the students. Following which, an evaluation of the nutritional knowledge assessment (an objective written test based on fundamental facts of health & nutrition) will be performed on the shortlisted candidates. The next level consists of monitoring of the Body fat percent. And finally the candidates are subjected to an onstage competition with nutrition puzzles and relevant questions.

Evidence of success

The program motivates students to change faulty eating habits and helps raise awareness of the impact that food and lifestyle choices have on our health. Students show great interest in participating in this contest. Every year plentiful students register for the competition and each year the number seems to be increasing, indicating the influence of the program among students. It also helps to pass on the message to the new generation that being healthy is much more important, rather than looking slim or stylish.


  • The participation of the competition is restricted to Vimala College students.





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