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      Counselling is short term and solution based process, focusing on resolving psychological issues with the help of a qualified professional counsellor. People turn to counselling when they need support or are at a crossroads in their lives. Counselling can provide a sense of direction and a greater ability to achieve goals. The counselling service provided by the department has helped students to share their problems in a confidential setting and find solutions to it. It has provided them the chance to talk things through, very often relieving emotional pressure, clearing the way to focus and decide what to do next. During the tough times of lockdown also the department had extended tele-counselling to the needy


Student Organised Seminars

    College students are young adults who have the potential to do plenty of things for their overall development. The Department has provided them ample opportunities to organize and arrange seminars on their own. With right guidance from the faculty, students have proven that they can plan and execute everything for a seminar. Students find the target audience, arrange for the resource person and plan for the seminar well in advance. The duties of welcome speech, vote of thanks and the like during the program, are also divided among the students. Student organized seminars have been useful for their holistic development.


World Mental Health Day Celebration



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