Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur

Department of Psychology


Dr Sinto P Anto -Publications

  • Influence of Emotional Regulation on Mental Health of Youth,Zenith International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol 4, 2014
  • Mental Health of Youth- Self-esteem and Gender as Potential Determinants, Journal of Psychological Researches, Vol 28, 2014
  • Impact of Self-esteem on Mental Health of Adolescents, Asian Academic Research Journal of Social Science and HumanitiesVol 1, 2014
  • Role of gender and emotional regulation on the mental health of youth, International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review, vol 1, 2015
  • Self-esteem and Emotional Regulation as Determinants of Mental Health of Youth, SIS Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health, Vol 23, 2016
  • Role of Self-esteem on Internalising Behavior of Youth ,Research Guru,Vol 12. Issue 2, 2018


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