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Department Overview


Department of Zoology offers a mesmerizing journey into the fascinating world of animals and their interactions with the environment. It provides students with contemporary, high- quality constructive education in life processes, with emphasis on animal science. The Department became operational in 1967 and aims to provide quality education, to promote training in practical and conceptual skills in various sub-disciplines of biology and also inculcates the spirit of resource conservation and love for nature. The Department also never fails to motivate the students for self employment in various applied branches of Zoology and to orient the students in developing research skills. Both under graduate and post graduate programmes are being offered by the Department, which is facilitated through excellent infrastructure and qualified faculty members. The Department has one UG and two PG Programmes in Zoology. Self-financing M. Sc Zoology with specialization “Fishery Science” started in the academic year 2013-2014 and regular M.Sc Zoology with specialization in ‘Structure, physiology, development and classification of animals’ was introduced in the academic year 2020-2021. With the aim of educating students about the fish culture techniques, the department has initiated a start-up programme "Aquaphilia” in June 2018. The department has tie up with various research organizations/institutions and has functional MoUs with them. The department is funded by DBT-STAR college scheme in 2020.


Courses Offered:   

  1. B.Sc Zoology
  2. M.Sc Zoology (Self)
  3. M.Sc Zoology (Aided)

Open course for UG, Elective courses and audit courses for UG and PG

Open course for UG

Reproductive Health and Sex Education (CODE: VZO5D01)

Elective courses for UG

  • Elective Core Course XIV: Aquaculture, Animal husbandry & Poultry (VZO6E01)

Audit courses for UG

M.Sc Programme (Aided) Elective Courses

  • ZOL3EC09 - Classification and Structural Organisation of Animals (Elective course I)
  • ZOL4E11- Cellular Physiology (Elective course II)
  • ZOL4E12- Advanced Physiology and Developmental Biology (Elective course III)

M.Sc Programme (Self) Elective Courses

  • ZOL3E09- Fishery Science 1: Taxonomy (III Semester)
  • ZOL4E11- Fishery Science II: Capture & Culture Fisheries (IV the Semester)
  • ZOL4E12-Fishery Science III: Harvesting, Post-harvesting Technology & Marketing (IV the Semester)

Audit courses for the I year PG students (2020 - 2021)

  • Professional Competency Course: ‘R’ Software 

  • Ability Enhancement Course: Internship of students in association with State Zoo and Museum, Thrissur.



Experience the ‘Essence of Life’


“Awaken in students the intricacies of Nature and Conserve its Biodiversity”

Highlights of Department

  • Very good academic results
  • Vibrant research culture- faculty members as recognised Research guides
  • Start up Programme ‘Aquaphilia'- Fish culture in the campus
  • Career directory of the department
  • Add on/Value Added courses for 1 st and 2 nd year UG students
  • NPTEL/Swayam/Course Era -online courses undertaken by the students
  • Internship programmes
  • Zoo related extension activities
  • Industrial/Institutional collaboration (with functional MoU) – 5 MoUs
  • Academic linkage for conducting Value added courses and Student projects
  • Entrepreneurship skill development programmes- Apiculture (Value Added Course)
  • ‘Zoo Era’ (a series for bio enthusiasts) - Student presentations on a topic of general biological relevance outside the syllabus
  • ‘Zoo Topia’- Journal club of the department
  • ‘Zoo Walleria’- Newsletter of the department
  • ‘Synergy’- Student organised seminars/webinars
  • ‘Zoo Research’- Project presentation of UG and PG students
  • ‘Zoo Diverse’- Online quiz competitions organised by the department
  • National level paper presentation competitions, publication of proceedings
  • Regional/National/International webinars conducted on a regular basis
  • Lab manual for UG and PG


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