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Health and  Wellness programmes

Health and  Wellness programmes focus on to provide activities to students and faculty that will increase awareness on various health related topics like healthy eating, exercise, relaxation methods, lifestyle diseases, contagious viral diseases like Covid-19, Nipah viral infection, monsoon-related vector-borne diseases and early detection and prevention of cancer. The methods adopted include invited talks and lectures, PPT presentations by the students and faculty both inside and outside the college, breast cancer detection and awareness programmes, street play against drug abuse, fitness demonstration classes, mosquito eradication and awareness programmes at the Vilvattom village area, Vector-borne diseases and vector identification programmes, value-added course on ‘Women and health’, organises International webinars and interaction with scientists and experts from Universities of the United States and experts from the nationally reputed research centres in the field of health science research in order to familiarise the recent advances in health science research and Covid-19

Student Organised Initiatives

Students are active and enthusiastic in organizing a huge variety of initiatives,  fresher’s day for welcoming the newcomers, exhibition open to public, intercollegiate competitions, organizing seminar at regional level, act as student zoo volunteers, publishing the newsletter of the department  and coordinating the Zoology association activities. They campaign for human rights, and promote on-campus intercultural exchange. By applying their academic knowledge, our students often embody department’s mission of thinking and acting with a biodiversity conservation mind.  In the process, they have formed friendships and networks across various students of other disciplines.

Student  Support  Programmes

Student support services are an essential component of higher education programmes. Students’ retention, success and satisfaction are their main objectives. Department has initiated  various strategies for the design and provision of student support services.


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