Vimala College Students Union

College Union 2019-20

(1)Alinta Joy -Chairperson
(2)Alina Ann Vijay - Vice Chairperson
(3)Ayana B -General Secretary
(4)Priya Pius -Joint Secretary
(5)Sanjana S -Student Editor
(6)Asna A -UUC
(7)Aleena P Vince -UUC
(8)Sneha S -General Captian

Aim and Objective:

  • To represent students and their concerns by providing good leadership
  • To foster cordial relations among students, staff and management
  • To promote healthy and responsible participation in extra curricular activities
  • To instill in students the duties and rights of responsible citizens of India and comprehend the nuances of governance
  • To uphold, implement and work for the ideals of the College in a befitting manner

Election : Parliamentary model as per para 6.2.4 of the J.M. Lyngdoh Commission Report and order passed by the Supreme Court of India in SLP No. 24295/ 2004.


  • General Council : All students
  • Executive Committee : Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, University Union Councilors, Magazine Editor, FineArts Secretary and Sports Secretary Election Procedure:
  • Constitution of Electoral Council: 2 elected representatives from each class
  • Electoral council elects the Executive committee members
  • Sports Secretary is nominated by a committee composed of the Principal, HOD of Physical Education Department and Dean of Students
  • Other elected members: UG representative, PG representative, Language secretaries (English, Malayalam and English)
  • The Principal is the Ex-officio Treasurer and patron of the College Union.

Eligibility to contest election:

  • Possess 80% attendance in the previous year (not applicable for the First year students)
  • Should have cleared all internal and external examinations held till date
  • Should not have had any disciplinary action taken against them inside or outside the campus
  • Students are forbidden to contest in the Union election on the label of student organization