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M.Sc Computer Science specialized in Data Science

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B.Sc Computer Science 

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The basic objective of the programme is to open a channel of admission for computing courses for students, who have done the 10+2 and are interested in taking computing/IT as a career. After acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc Computer Science) there is further educational opportunity to go for an MCA or other Master’s Programme like MSc (Computer Science), MSc (IT), MBA, etc. Also after completing the B.Sc Computer Science Programme, a student should be able to get entry level job in the field of Information Technology or ITES or they can take up self-employment in Indian & global software market.

Program Specific Outcomes


Understand the concepts of computer system architecture, system software and interfaces.


Understand the components of programming environments in procedural, non-procedural, object Oriented, scripting and markup languages.


Identify the relevance and applications of computer in other disciplines


Understand the software development life cycle.


Ability to apply suitable tools/ technologies after evaluating various alternatives


Develop, integrate and validate software systems to achieve user specified needs


Acquire problem solving skills to find the best cost-effective solution in every software need


Address the industry gap and assimilate technical, logical and ethical skills needed for the industry

















The duration of the B.Sc Computer Science programme shall be 6 semesters distributed over a period of 3 academic years. The odd semesters (1, 3, 5) shall be from June to October and the even Semesters (2, 4, 6) shall be from November to March. Each semester shall have 90 working days inclusive of all examinations. 

The B.Sc Computer Science programme includes four types of courses, viz., Common Courses (Code A), Core courses (Code B), Complementary courses (Code C) and Open course (Code D).The minimum number of courses required for completion of the B.Sc Computer Science programme is 37.

Project: Every student of the B.Sc Computer Science programme shall have to work on a project of not less than 2 credits under the supervision of a faculty member as per the curriculum. Extension Activities: Compulsory social service (CSS) for a period of 15 days is essential for the successful completion of the B.Sc Computer Science programme.

Open Course - Introduction to Computers & Office Automation

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Main aim of above open course is to equip students with the basics of office automation via commonly used automation software

B.Voc (Web Technology)

The basic objective of the B.Voc (Web Technology) Programme is to open a pathway to vocational education for students, who have passed 10+2 and have an interest in pursuing Web development/IT as a career. The B.Voc. (Web Technology) course is designed with the objective of providing a judicious mix of professional skills and appropriate General Education content offering flexibility to students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points. The programme also focuses on providing vertical mobility to students coming out of 10+2 with vocational subjects and ensuring that the students acquire adequate knowledge and skills at each exit point of the programme. Also, the programme aims to integrate NSQF within the undergraduate level of higher education in order to enhance employability of the graduates to meet the industry requirements of local and national industry and to be equipped to become part of the global workforce.

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Program Specific Outcomes


Gain general awareness of popular web tools and technologies and  their applications for higher technical education.


Create digital art for commercial and advertising purposes


Design web pages and write back-end code based on requirements.


Develop websites and evaluate application technologies to improve website performance


Ability to apply suitable tools  after evaluating various alternatives












Add on & Value Added Courses:

  1. Mastering the art of Digital Learning & Cyber Ethics
  2. Understanding and Visulaizing Data using Python
  3. Soft Skills & Personality Development



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