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Consultancy Services 
The research facilities of the department are open for students and researchers of other institutes. The department offers paid consultancy for material characterization. The faculty also provide guidance for M.Sc projects of students of other colleges.
The applications for availing the consultancy services are attached below.

VPRC FORM M.Sc Project Guidance download

VPRC FORM Material characterisation download

Facilities Available

1. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer - IR Spirit

Made: Shimadzu

Measuring Range: 400 to 4000 cm-1

Method: KBr Pellet

Sample type: Powder

Status: Working

2. LCR Meter - IM3536

Made: Hioki

Measuring Range: DC, 4 Hz to 8 MHz

Measurement Parameters: Z, Y, θ, X, G, B, Q, Rdc, Rs, Rp, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, D (tanδ), σ, ε

Sample type: Pellet

Status: Working

3. Spectrofluorophotometer - RF5301PC

Made: Shimadzu

Light source: 150 W Xenon lamp

Measuring wavelength: 220 to 750 nm

Sample type: Powder, Liquid

Status: Working

4. Spectrophotometer - UV2600 with DRS

Made: Shimadzu

Photometric System: Double-Beam Optics

Measuring wavelength: 190 nm to 900 nm

Sample type: Powder, Liquid

Status: Working

5. Electronic Balance - ATX224

Made: Shimadzu

Capacity: 220 g

Repeatability:  0.1 mg

Status: Working

6. Vacuum Coating Unit - IVP128C

Made: Indian High Vacuum Pumps


Status: Working

7. High Temperature Furnace

Made: Eurotherm

Controller: PLD

Temperature:  room to 1300 °C​

Status: Working

8. Spin Coating Unit

Made: Holmarc opto-mechatronics Pvt. Ltd

RPM: ​10-8000 rpm

Status: Not Working

9. Dip Coating Unit

Made: Prompt Engineering works

Dip velocity: 1-600 mm/min 

Status: Working

10. Hot Air Oven

Made: Pyrodevices

Controller: Eurotherm

Temperature: room to 200 °C

Status: Working  

11. Magnetic stirrer with Temperature Control 

Made: iKA RH basic 1

Temperature:  room to 100 °C

Status: Working

12. Centrifuge 

Made: Kadavil electromechanical industries

RPM:  3600 rpm

Status: Working

13. Distillation Unit 

Made: Lab-Sil industries

Watts:  1.5 kW

Status: Working

14. Ultrasonic Bath

Made: ANM Industries

Model: USC 200​ 

Status: Working


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