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Department of Physics

Funded Projects

Minor & Major Research Projects 

Sl.No. Faculty Name  Year Details
1 Dr Veena Gopalan E 2018 A study on Chaos in electronic circuits' ( Rs.9000/- sanctioned) KSCSTE, 152/SPYTiS-II/2018/KSCSTE
2 Dr Veena Gopalan E 2018 Synthesis and characterisation of green synthesised magnetic nanofluids for biomedical  applications (Rs.10000/- sanctioned)  KSCSTE, 151/SPYTiS-II/2018/KSCSTE
3 Mr Santhosh P Jose 2018

An experimental study on the effect of air damping on the shape of moving objects using EXPEyes electronic data capture device (Rs.8500/-sanctioned) KSCSTE, 150/SPYTiS-II /2018/KSCSTE

4 Dr Mini Krishna K 2014-17 Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of ZnGa2O4 based nanophosphors, 1,45,000/- (fund mobilised)
5 Dr VeenaGopalan E 2014-17 Investigations on the synthesis, structural and optical properties   of  ferrofluids belonging to the series MnxZn1-xFe2O4 ferrite based and the spin coated thin films, 1,58,000/- (fund mobilised)
6 Dr Dhanya Johnson 2014-17 Synthesis  and characterization of microwave ceramic materials,1,67,000/- (fund mobilised)
7 Ms Anjaly Jose 2014-17 Preparation of thin films for solar cells using spin coating technique and its characterization, 1,54,000/- (fund mobilised)
8 Ms Jovia Jose 2014-17 Analysis of electromagnetic wave propagation through negative index structures using FDTD, 40,000/- (fund mobilised)



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